As a good supplement to wheel-building, having a spoke length calculator is important. There’s a few out there online, there’s books too—I know the Sutherland’s I use is at times difficult to use; there’s a new one online that has a nice database and user interface to it: the Wheelbuilder at Free Bike Tools.

It’s a growing site, so keep checking it out for more tools and resources.

Online Bicycle Wheel Lacing

For those that haven’t seen it yet online, the wheel lacing article is now available: Hadrann Wheelcraft Method.

I know there’s some varying opinions about this technique, but I must say, I’ve never had any problems with it.

Do it in your socks!

For those of you who may have a set of wheels laced up and are still waiting for instruction as to how to finish them… not too much longer. Hopefully you’ve finished them by now with other instruction or your own investigation and intuition.