Lake Crescent

Hey! Michael went camping this past weekend and had a big ol’ time!

Yep, Brooke and I tagged along with Phil and Stephanie on out to the Lake Crescent area on the Olympic Peninsula. It was outstandingly beautiful—it was a perfect time to get out of the city again and decompress with nature’s finest.

Sitting on the Sol Duc River, enjoying Mia’s adventures with Stick

It seemed like most of the time we kicked back and chilled out by the river and campfire, typically what I’m used to doing while camping, but we did have some righteous activities planned by camp leader Phil. Yeah, I’m not used to riding off-road too much, but Phil insisted we bring some mountain bikes. I just came across that Specialized P.2 so I was set, but Brooke needed something to ride. We borrowed Seth Holton’s Norco. She thrashed hard on that bike. For never riding on dirt before, she tore it up. Phil took us around the north shore of the lake on a trail that was pretty mild on some parts and somewhat sketchy on others. Evidently this trail used to be a railroad bed during WWI, Phil provided us with great historical commentary throughout the weekend. Stephanie got a bit scraped up and I fell halfway into the lake at one point attempting to round a loose gravel corner one hand holding the camera. Besides that and a couple of ticks, most of the ride (and the weekend) was without incident.

Phil Anderson bombing back with lunch.

It was really great to actually experience the Olympic Peninsula once before I leave this area. Big thanks to Phil for such a great time.