I’ve just finished reading a good book. At the end the author mentions being held back on the sidewalk by a passing Critical Mass in New York, and describes the pleasure it gave her to witness such a grouping of citizens. Exhibiting freedom. Lately I’ve been considering freedom and independence and how the bicycle has given me more independence from so many things than just about anything I can remember.

I haven’t been to a critical mass here in Seattle (or anywhere for that matter) for quite a number of months. Other circumstances have prevailed in priority, but honestly I allowed it to become less of a priority because how I felt the last few times I had ridden in it. I was left with the feeling that something was skewed. Something didn’t taste right about it, there were other motives within it; a feeling of redemption or vengefulness throughout it; maybe just a sense of too much bad attitude. Perhaps just my perspective, but nonetheless I stopped going for the time being. The feeling of freedom as the book’s author described was no longer there for me for some reason; I’d like to experience it again, I’ll make it out to another critical mass here soon. The positive feeling of the ride is usually great; it shouldn’t be tarnished by ire or inappropriate violence. The assembling for critical mass is awesome in it’s celebration of bicycles, but maybe it should also be a conscious celebration of the assembly itself?

How has mass been these past eight or nine months? here in Seattle? or in your city?

Also, if you get a chance to pick up that book—The End of America—do so. The copy I found had written in it’s front cover: Read & Pass On.