Sustainable Pedros

The other day a Pedros rep came into the shop and dropped off a goodie bag full of stuff. I was interested because he mentioned biodegradable greases and lubes; a subject I’ve been curious about a lot lately. Attempting to be green and enviro-friendly by biking all the time always brings up the question: exactly how “green” is biking? Looking a bit deeper into the bike maintenance realm it’s easy to see many petro-chemicals and such. I’m happy to see somebody working on it, and Pedros is attempting something. And it seems good.

In the bag was a couple bottles of chain lube (CHAINj and Go!I think the word Go! always requires an explanation point behind it, I’m happy they got that right). This CHAINj has a page of it’s own where you can learn some more about this product. There’s more about canola, or rapeseed oil, here at Wikipedia; quite a bit to read about and research there.

There was also a bottle of ProJ—a “Professional Strength Citrus Degreaser”. So far I’ve only used a bit of the ChainJ on the chain on my fixie, and that bike is silenced again. So far, so good! Also in the—fully recyclable—bag was a RxM multi-tool, some tire levers (these I like), and a catalog.

Reusable shopping bag.

How revolutionary all this is, I’m not exactly sure, but it always takes that single step to make serious change. I’m willing to try, much like the article in the catalog states, it is “…worth the effort. That’s what we [Pedros] had in mind for this page – to encourage you to try.” I’m already riding my bike everywhere I go, no car option in sight for me. I’m willing to try the next step, let’s all try why don’t we.