So tomorrow’s Seattle Bike to Work Day. Hell yeah! I’m happy about it, it’s a great day, supposed to be great weather for it, and it’s great that there’s any emphasis and public support for such a conceivably mundane activity. I am honestly really happy and glad when I hear people refer to it as a holiday as I have a number of times this week. There have been a few repairs at the shop that the owners urged to have done before Friday, it felt a little bit like the few weeks preceding the STP. The fact that May is considered Bike Month is awesome, I haven’t yet seen any cards at Hallmark but anytime now I expect to see one in my mailbox.

I’m really curious though. Are there any numbers calculated as to how effective this hubbub is at getting people to bike to work on Monday, May 19th, 2008? Or any/every day hereafter? Bike to work, bike to school, bike to play, bike to shop, bike to theater, bike for groceries, bike for peace, bike for coffee, bike for booze, bike anywhere and everywhere!


Clarification: This is not to say that changing one’s individual actions to benefit themselves and the larger world by riding a bike to work is mundane, but rather that the actual act of riding one’s bike is such an easy and simple activity that it can be described as mundane. And yet as simple as riding a bike to work is—and as one’s transportation—it is wholly affecting in it’s importance and excitement.