Lock it

Some seemingly pretty good advice here in this post on quickrelease.tv. Although I’d agree with many of the points, the number one security tactic to avoid having your bike stolen being abstinence is downright silly:

1. Don’t ride a bike.
This is a very secure option. If you don’t have a bike, it won’t get stolen…

Throughout I do enjoy the unique and different terms used commonly in the UK where I’m assuming this site is produced: walkies, half-inched, nicked (I do use this one myself), and white van man…. What I find more intriguing though is the fact that an agency with government backing of sorts has interest in this sort of thing; albeit ineffectually it seems.

This type of testing is always interesting to say the least, at the shop we’re always advising the lack of security with mere cable locks, demonstrating this with a tangle of cut cables, all performed with a similar pair of these:

When I can’t bring it in with me (as their #3 security tactic states), it’s a Krypto Mini for myself, within the rear triangle through the rim with a cable to keep the front wheel deterred. Never simply on the top tube and within view as much as possible.