A Little Bit of Poetry

Some of you might remember the article found in issue five of Cranked titled the Bicycle Driver. Well there is a developing organization called the Bicycle Driver Training Institute, BDTI that is working to promote these cycling tactics.

Among his many other activities (cycling, tai chi gardening, beer brewing, etc.) Graham Cooper, drafted this poem:

On the road in traffic,
maintain your position.
Be predictable,
not erratic.

Signal your intention
to change your position,
by turning your head and
lifting your arm.

You must be aware
of blind spots
in the mirrors of other drivers.

You must behave
as if you are a driver.
You are NOT invisible!

Try continuously to see
the surface of the road,
looking for potholes, slick paint, rail tracks, obstacles,
as well as the flow of traffic.

See, hear & feel.
Observe everything,
but avoid distractions.
Don’t use an iPod.
Be present and alert always.

Change to a low gear
before you come to a stop.

Your front brake is powerful, use it
as you shift your balance
backwards and down.

Your back brake
will skid the rear wheel,
if you squeeze too hard.

Above all,
cooperate with others.
Practice harmony,
but be ready to respond

Do not be afraid.
There is nothing to fear,
but fear itself.