I’m Not Near Portland Anymore…

which is sort of lame for a number of reasons, but the biggest of all is that I won’t be able to easily get to Filmed by Bike. I won’t be able to go at all.

This will be the first year in three that I’ll be missing it. Last year was totally kick ass. Same with the year before that. And honestly, the ’06 show was pretty eff’ing rock ‘n’ roll too. Filmed by Bike has a good formula.

From what the dispatches have been saying, the ’09 show (taking place this weekend coming up) isn’t going to disappoint. In fact, it sounds like it’s going to be fantastically awesome—maybe more so than any year previous.

Wish I could be there. Maybe I’ll just have to settle for a t-shirt this year…. Get yours too!

Rock on Ayleen et al, good luck this weekend!

Thunder & Bikes

So far as I can tell, this weekend should be crazy busy here in Louisville. This event called Thunder is supposedly taking over the town. I’m relatively new here, so it’s all Greek to me, but from what I understand the only way to get around town easily will be by bicycle. That’s something I can support—it’s the only way I know how to get around. But, from what I also know, in order to witness the cacophony and celebration that is Thunder (the kick-off to Derby) it’s best to ride your bike down to the river, where to your benefit is a valet bicycle parking service put on by Bicycling for Louisville. These folks rock, and they need more volunteers at the valet station. Read more about it, in this message from Barry at Bicycling for Louisville:

Fellow Louisville-area Cyclists:

Thunder Over Louisville will take place this Saturday! Once again, Bicycling for Louisville will provide free valet bicycle parking with support from Louisville Metro government’s Bike Louisville program. With much better weather predicted this Saturday than last year for Thunder, we hope that several hundred people will take advantage of the valet bicycle parking service, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution while adding a bicycle ride to their enjoyment of the day.

If you would like to volunteer to help with valet bicycle parking, please contact our volunteer coordinator Jennifer Clark off-list at activelouisville@gmail.com or 819-7881. Volunteers should be at least 18 years old. Volunteers working at least 2 hours will receive:

  •  a $10 gift card from Scheller’s Fitness and Cycling
  • a shady place to sit and cold water or soft drinks
  • an uncrowded place to watch the air show & fireworks
  • the company of fellow bicyclists
  • a warm feeling from helping to make bicycling more convenient and popular in Louisville
  • the undying gratitude of Bicycling for Louisville (your charitable community service organization working to make bicycling in our community safer, more enjoyable, and more popular)

We need volunteers in 2-hour shifts from 9 AM (set-up) to 11 PM. We need LOTS of volunteers from 10-11 PM when everybody comes to retrieve their bicycles. If you can work more than one 2-hour shift, we will be all the more grateful.

To volunteer or to get more information, contact volunteer coordinator Jennifer Clark off-list at activelouisville@gmail.com or 819-7881.

Thanks in advance,

Barry Zalph
Executive Director
Bicycling for Louisville
425 S. 2nd St., LL-102
Louisville, KY 40202-1430
(502) 582-1814

Radishes in Louisville

The flowers are sprouting here in Louisville, and at the bike shop I’m at we’ve got radishes:

Spring daffodils & Radishes!








The Radish, as seen above, is the S.U.B. put out by the folks from XtracycleS.U.B. is of course Sport Utility Bike. Read more about these bikes and their associated health providing Free Radicals at xtracycle.com, or come on up to Bike Couriers Bike Shop on Frankfort Ave and take a ride yourself on our Radish and find out what these long-tail bikes are all about. 

They’re not only fun to ride, but exciting to look at and think about—the concept that is, primarily having the ability to be wholly self-sufficient and easily car-free; the Radish (or the conversion of an existing bike to a long-tail) enables you to haul hundreds of pounds of cargo or simply a week’s worth of groceries without having to fight traffic gridlock, fill up a gas tank, or search for parking. These are all benefits that really equate to having a good time!

Radish—image courtesy of Xtracycle.com