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Status Update

Yeah, not posting a lot lately; sorry, been busy. I’m not only getting ready to move to Louisville, but also getting ready to go to Oregon to help Daniel with his competition in the Race Across Oregon, (he’s still looking for donors for the charity: the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America check out his site and donate!) In between all of this I’ve been finishing up work at the chocolate factory, yeah Theo! and picking up some hours helping out the folks at Freerange Cycles (and no, I’m not working at Wright Bros any longer—that ended a few weeks ago). There’s also the business of actually planning our life in Louisville that’s been hectic: jobs, school, a place to live, actually driving there. And many more things I’m sure we’re forgetting!

Brooke and I had a going away party at the Rendezvous this past weekend, thanks to everyone who made it out. It was great seeing you all there. Anyone who couldn’t make it or wanted to see us and hang-out some more, get in touch, time’s-a running out!


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