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There was a visitor in the shop today that wanted to put up some flyers and a poster for an upcoming play at the Seattle Public Theater in a couple of weeks. A play featuring some bicycle history intermingled in Irish history, from the perspective of a bike shop. Titled Spokesong.

Taken from the SPT website:

Spokesong will delight you and capture your imagination. Set in and around a bicycle shop in Belfast, this comic piece concerns Frank, the current operator of the shop founded by his grandfather. As his city in Northern Ireland becomes a war-zone, Frank dreams of peace through superior transportation: the Bicycle. Part romance, part blithe-spirited social history, part musical and, not least of all, part lament for the religious and economic strife that has torn Ireland apart for so many years.

I like theater and I like bikes. This sounds like a show that should captivate and entertain. Thanks for coming in Daniel and thanks for sharing!


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  1. Rachel says:

    Great recap of your trip. Sounds like you had a wonderful time and hopefully you’ll earn your certificate.

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