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On Our Way

Yep, we’re heading down to Portland for the weekend (do it!) for a great time, and then James and I are cruising down to UBI for our stay in Ashland. I’m just barely set to go, a few more things to pack up and such. One thing I’m set on is toiletries, just last weekend at the Dead Baby Office Chair Downhill I ran into the fine gentleman Joby who was kind enough to share with me a brand new “In Flight Shoebag Amenity Kit” I’ll be sleeping with American Airline’s style in my bunk at the CycleHostel in Ashland: eyeshades, earplugs, & socks after just using the included toothbrush, plastic toothpick and likely towelettes…. Thanks Joby!

The site might be a little quiet for the next couple weeks unless someone lets me use their iPhone to post UBI updates of course. I’ll probably have a good deal to share about UBI when I get back so stay tuned. Being away for these two weeks will also prevent me from shipping out magazines, feel free to order them while I’m away, they’ll ship out immediately the day I get back.


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  1. Mark says:

    I hope you are having fun with your park tools and torque wrenches! It snowed up here the other day. No BS. The Surly Big Dummy (or Surly Big Pain in the A$$) is coming along nicely and will be finished as soon as we take some metal off of the disc mounts with a new cyclus tool. Can’t wait to hear all about trade school and hopefully sponge some rad bike knowledge off of you! Frites at Brouwer’s upon your return, on Charles’ dime of course.

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