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As a good supplement to wheel-building, having a spoke length calculator is important. There’s a few out there online, there’s books too—I know the Sutherland’s I use is at times difficult to use; there’s a new one online that has a nice database and user interface to it: the Wheelbuilder at Free Bike Tools.

It’s a growing site, so keep checking it out for more tools and resources.


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  1. […] Hey, thanks for stopping by! If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to the RSS feed. You can also subscribe to BikeHacks by email. Thanks for visiting!In case (like me) you’ve missed it, there’s a nice little resource site out there on teh Intarwebs called Free Bike Tools. The tools are the online kind, not so much the kind you can hold in your hand. But still, a great resource. (via Cranked) […]

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