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Race Across….

I’ve heard of the Race Across AMerica, or RAAM as it’s called, but I’ve only recently been introduced to a qualifier for it called the Race Across Oregon. They don’t just let anyone compete in riding across the States, you have to be approved for the pain. There are other qualifiers of course, the well-known Furnace Creek 508, the Tejas 500, or others.

One gentleman we’ve all read about in the pages of Cranked is going to compete in the Race Across Oregon this coming summer. Yes, Daniel Olsen, written about in issue two: Daniel Featherhead, this guy has put the miles on and he’s training hard for this one too. One of the cool things about his competing in the RAO is he’s also collecting money for donation on the side. All proceeds for Daniel’s efforts will be donated to the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America.

Daniel’s a great guy, show him you think so too and support his efforts for this worthwhile cause. Check out his website describing Daniel’s aspirations, the team helping him, and donate some money to AFA at


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  1. […] not only getting ready to move to Louisville, but also getting ready to go to Oregon to help Daniel with his competition in the Race Across Oregon, (he’s still looking for donors for the […]

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