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I’ve never been so indeterminate on my pedal selection for any of my bikes. I was pumped to be able to put some sweet Suntour XC Pro’s on my wife’s bike, they’re real nice, she loves them. Even though I grew a little jealous, I didn’t do much about it. I was content to ride these on my road bike:

Crank Brothers Candy

These were pedals I got for cheap at Interbike a couple of years ago. They’re so so, I’ve unclipped from them more times than I ever did with my old SPD PD515’s. (This post is reminding me a bit of a museum I just got linked to from Bike Hugger. My own little pedal museum of sorts.) After these problematic Candies, I came into ownership of some Campy cages that are a bit too long for the ultra-tight geometry of my road bike—finding medium clips for these pedals is proving difficult.

But this post isn’t about those pedals, this is a bit more in relation to my last post about pedals, the much unanswered query as to why the MKS Sylvan’s have that moniker. This post is about these pedals, the Sylvan inspiration:


These are sweet beyond comparison, and no they’re not going on my beater IRO cargo fixie. They’re going on the Coppi, with nice black alloy toe-clips. (Gotta find some trick straps still.) These were also gotten at a good price; trade is always a good way to do things, just some clicks of the camera and voilá. (More on that in the next couple of weeks—there’ll be a slideshow coming online soon detailing the build of someone’s special Marinoni.)

But that’s not all this post is about… wait, there’s more.

Just yesterday, a few visitors came into the shop and introduced us to some pretty rad accents for these sweet pedals, among other things, check these out.


How nice is that red leather going to look on those black toe-clips? When I get around to sewing them up I’ll have some more pictures to share. The same dude also makes a really subtle and classy looking top tube cover. To the three of you that came into the shop, Hugo, Timmy, and Yohei, thanks! Hope to see you down at NAHBS, keep an eye out Sunday!


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