Rest in Peace

A definite loss to the cycling world, the death of Sheldon Brown certainly came as a surprise to me. Condolences to his family and friends. Here are some news articles on his passing, Bicycle Retailer and Bike Magic.

Surely we’ve all perused the pages at Sheldon Brown’s Bicycle Technical Info for either solutions to bike problems or answers to some bicycle curiosity in the past. His glossary is unequaled anywhere online. But as much of the time I’ve personally spent on the site, for some reason I never came across any of his products: Superleggero Bearing Balls and the Geomagnetic Booster both seem wildly “useful”. The man’s humor was ever present in his technical info, one of my favorites though, found in his glossary indexed within I-K.

One of my favorite French puns. The letter “K” is pronounced “kah”, the number “7” is “sept” (the “p” is silent, like the “p” in swimming.) Thus, “K-7” is “kah-sept” or “cassette.” I first encountered this in a French electronics catalogue, and it took me quite a while to figure it out. As far as I know, the French only use this abbreviation for tape cassettes, but I have fallen into the habit of using it as a shorthand for freehub cassettes.

I’m a fan of puns and twists in language, admittedly, the “p” in swimming still makes me laugh. Hearing the news of his passing was sad indeed. Rest in peace, it would have been nice to have properly known you.

2 thoughts on “Rest in Peace

  1. from the glossary: Downhill Racing – I consider this fad to be bad for cycling, and contrary to the spirit of cycling. It is effectively just a variant form of motorcycle racing, since most of the power is provided by the machinery that carries the rider and bike to the top of the run. Bicycling should be a human-powered activity, or it is not bicycling to me.

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