Thoughtful Gifts

My wife and I got some very thoughtful gifts from our family and friends this year. We’re ever thankful. Some of the applicable, shareable, and mentionable ones include some sweet tank tops for the wife from my sister from some people she met around Baltimore. Their stuff can be seen at the same screen print is found on some some dining place mats that we scored too!

(Now all we need is a bigger apartment to allow the use of a table!)

Ol’ sis did good by me too with a sweet new hat similar to these done up by I’ve been told it looks like I’m Sherlock Holmes when I’m wearing it.

Not necessarily cycling related were some t-shirts we got as well, put together by the folks over at I’m not a big fan of wearing “cute” clothes, but the shirt I’m wearing at this moment, titled “Ambition Killed the Cat” not only depicts a just endearing image, but is as comfortable as a t-shirt could be; and that’s quite comfortable.

Maybe a cute look isn’t so bad…. Ahem, we both got some other cool shirts too, namely this, and this. All super original looking prints. For the time being, I’ll have to keep them as Sunday shirts before they get cycled into the weekday wardrobe which has a much higher chance of getting grease/loc-tite/brake dust or other such likely permanent stain on them. and, both pretty interesting communities. I’m glad they were a part of my holidays this year. I guess the days of a bike behind the tree for us are over for the most part. Maybe a new bike or two next year!

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