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Get Your Soapbox On!

Come out to Fremont on Saturday to witness the Redbull Soapbox Derby. Wright Bros is helping build one of the contestant carts this week, something cobbled together after Johnny’s Last Stand suffered some unforeseen test ride accident. A “Plan B” has been implemented, so I’m not sure how accurate this listing is any longer. It has been interesting working on something other than bikes, yet using bike technology and components. They’re really not that different.

No chain allowed!

This is a view of the modified machine we’re using now. It’ll have to return to it’s original intention of being a pedal car for a young kid. How cool would that have been to have a cart like that when you were young! It sort of breaks the mantra four wheels bad, two wheels good. I only hope this machine passes the “no prefabricated vehicles allowed” rule, it should as it is totally custom made.

In other parts of town, as most of you know in the Seattle area, coming up in a month’s time is the annual Messmann’s Messquerade. This is something not to be missed, come up from wherever you are and participate. Don’t be a dope like I was last year and miss it, I’m still remorseful as to the tragic mistake it was to skip out.

I’m sure more information will be forthcoming, stay tuned.


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