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The Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran an article on Wright Bros. this weekend. You Fix It… is a nice article in a series called “Retail Notebook” where he reports on small local companies in the business section of the P-I. The article fairly accurately describes how the shop operates and what you’ll find there in not only retail items, but also it’s old world aesthetic. On the day of the article’s release two first-time customers came into the shop, one of which bought a membership and got right down to working on a wheel-build. Nice.

Yours truly was mentioned in the article as well; I happened to be present during Dan’s interview with Charles. The conversation the three of us had was a bit too succinctly summed up with my having “no previous experience” and outright “rejection” in my opinion; but I understand the article wasn’t about me and that journalists have editors telling them to keep it to a minimum when it comes to word count.

Hadrann’s reaction: “I’m fine doing vocational training.”

Concise indeed—considering the portion of the interview with me delved into how being a bike mechanic is very much a skilled trade and learning to become one should be within the accepted vocational arts. With bicycles in growing popularity it’d be sweet to see this attitude further advanced by society at large. Or is the hopeful decline in automobiles giving rise to more bikes and therefore the need for more experienced bike mechanics just wishful thinking?

Hey, at least he mentioned Cranked Magazine.


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  1. Peter says:

    Those fixed gear bicycles certainly are all the rage, aren’t they? Great article, Michael. Hope everyone in Seattle is doing well. Switzerland’s beautiful, but fall is definitely rushing in. Brrrrr…

  2. Wally says:

    beautiful; beautiful computer has been down for awhile glad to see crankedmag is still a blazing trumpet for the bi-pedular cause, and a beacon in the distance on the land green, for all petrolphiles.

  3. Charles says:

    Michael, check out what the Stranger said in front of the rag regarding fixed gear riders, page 7.

  4. […] make our million sitting in front of a monitor? Charles at Wright Bros alludes to this discrepancy at times. His entire point wasn’t included in the PI article, but the notion that more people should […]

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