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Marinoni and Deux Secondes

Ostensibly the personality was taken from the man himself, but the Lorenzo in the movie Deux Secondes (2 Seconds) was just the type of mechanic we’ve all encountered one time or another. If this be the actual Guiseppe Marinoni himself portrayed in the movie, it offers quite a romantic biography and history as to how an Italian framemaker could end up in Quebec. At any rate, looking closely, you can see some nice bikes in the background of his shop in the film.


The movie itself was really entertaining, make sure to check it out—it’ll make ya feel good.

Speaking of bike shops, grumpy mechanics, and Marinonis, I know a shop that is going to have a new Marinoni with Spirit tubing. Next time you’re in Wright Bros ask Charles about it he’ll be sure to show off some of the components he’s putting on it. It’ll be a beauty, we all can’t wait to see it—any day now he’ll be riding it around!

Bikes! Real Steel Bikes! Those do make ya feel good!


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  1. […] These are sweet beyond comparison, and no they’re not going on my beater IRO cargo fixie. They’re going on the Coppi, with nice black alloy toe-clips. (Gotta find some trick straps still.) These were also gotten at a good price; trade is always a good way to do things, just some clicks of the camera and voilá. (More on that in the next couple of weeks—there’ll be a slideshow coming online soon detailing the build of someone’s special Marinoni.) […]

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