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At it again…

Tyson and Daniel are at it again. You’ll remember them from the two separate articles from issue three and two respectively. Well, they’re both in the process of departing—or are already on their way—on some ridiculously long bike rides. Tyson is traveling down in South America by bicycle and is leaving in a few days I believe. And Daniel has already left for his ride from Seattle to Albuquerque for some reason or another. Last I heard from him he was telling me he’s just gone through 350 miles of dirt roads somewhere in eastern Oregon.

To refresh your memory of these two, you can read about Daniel here in the article from issue two of Cranked: Daniel Featherhead, as well as Tyson’s Puerto Rico trip here: Three Days with No Rim Strip.

There’s also Tyson’s website to take a peek at, gotta say I’m envious of the opportunities he’s gotten through his school. Tyson, way to go! Daniel told me he’s taking even less gear for this trip down to New Mexico.

And another guy who’s traveling by bike: I just met the dude from Zero per Gallon up from California in the shop yesterday, I’ve seen these stickers around a bit and really dig them. I’ve always wondered about that nine-tenths of a cent… these stickers are a great way to say you’re not paying a dime for gas when you’re using your bike.

Who says you need to use gas to travel? Get some of these stickers for your bike.


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