So much to do…

…but that’s what life is about right? I’ve enjoyed relaxing this summer, but it hasn’t been entirely relaxing has it?


It wasn’t so relaxing bombing down Denny Ave with this bike carcass on my C.E.T.M.A. rack yesterday morning. But dude, it was fun!

I might get to transport the tandem this weekend again. On the rack… I don’t think so. It might be featured in a film though in this year’s Bike-In at Cal Anderson Park.


So much to do… expect to see some more activity and possibly articles posted online here at Cranked Magazine!


It’s the middle of August already. Not much news at all to report as to the development of the upcoming issue of Cranked. Like I said earlier, I’ve taken the summer off and I’ve been enjoying it. Taking it off at least in terms of the magazine. In other circles, I’ve taken no time off. I’ve continued to work at Wright Bros virtually everyday and am happy to say I’ve progressed my bike mechanic skills and knowledge extensively. A couple of weeks ago I did take some time off from that and everything else to get married and that was fantastic, quite possibly the best weekend of my life. Nice small, intimate ceremony, good friends, good food and drink; some of you were there, so you know.

…it was a jocular affair!

As expected I hope, my bride and I made sure to include our love for bicycles in the event.



We thankfully had a friendly entourage to escort us down from the top of Queen Anne hill.

So, yes, I’ve been busy. Not only the business of getting married, but also the urgent business of finding a new residence. Our landlord decided to raise our rent again! What with the wedding to plan and prepare for we’ve only now begun to search for an apartment and only have fifteen more days to go before we’re supposed to move out. Any suggestions for cheap rent in the city? I’ve noticed a preponderance of condos everywhere, not very helpful for our situation, can you relate?

One thing I cannot relate to, and am exceedingly glad to remain that way is this mess with I-5? I cannot imagine what it must be like to be stuck in traffic all day. Is it really that bad? I’ve expected to hear news stories of people road-raging like they were in LA in the nineties. One cool thing that I noticed that came out of this is our UPS driver at the bike shop asked us if we knew of some good bike routes, she wanted to ride her bike from home to the UPS base. Nice to hear people taking the biking alternative seriously. Way to go!