Two Apart

I have to wonder if my neighbors, on their balcony above my building, understand what it was like for Francis Scott Key when he was hearing rockets and cannonballs above his cell. It must have been a profound night for him. I admit last night’s bombardment was only fireworks, but the roman candles and such my neighbors felt like firing above my apartment last night didn’t drive me to write a provocative song, but rather cuss and swear at them from below. Communist I’m not, I’m more concerned with my apartment not burning to the ground on account of one of these hooplehead’s bad aim. I do like a reasonably sound night’s sleep as well. I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July, I sure know my neighbors did.

Speaking of July, le Tour is starting this weekend, right? Looking forward to those lycra laden fellas? Whisperings of drug testing still in the air? Are we tired of all the drama yet? Every time I use the head at the bike shop I’m working at I see this poster on the wall:

Nice Tour camaraderie from days of yore to be sure; a couple of racers assisting another in lighting his cigarette while riding in the peloton. Gotta love those guys in the background, tucked down, catching the draft, while the dude on the left casually watches the smoking take place. What would the WADA think of that happening now? Who cares really? I don’t particularly, but seeing that poster always makes me imagine a more modern version that simply makes me chuckle:

* One racer steadies his left hand on his partner’s shoulder while his right hand is holding firm the rubber tourniquet around the doper’s bicep. A second racer sees the doper about to drop his syringe so sprints up to assist in steadying him on this right side so he may better take in his much needed performance enhancing formula… and a good time is had by all.

A long stretch of the imagination of course. What do I know?

I don’t get there nearly enough lately, but I plan on making my way to the Summit more than a few times to watch some of the Tour this year. Like a train wreck, I just have to look, but watching it at the Summit has some great benefits.

3 thoughts on “Two Apart

  1. this same poster is hanging in the head of stoneground, a restaurant here in salt lake city, and as i relieved myself, i couldn’t help but hope for a recumbent or vintage tour just for kicks and for everyone to realize how ridiculous it is now. thanks for the post. i enjoyed it very much!

  2. Hi. This is one of my favorite photos. Do you know the name of the photographer, or where I can get a copy of the poster?


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