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Need a Job?

I’ve recently been working at Wright Bros bike shop in Fremont and have been learning a lot about working on bikes. Maybe one day I’ll be a master mechanic myself! But I’ve been asked to post an opportunity for those that have experience as a bike mechanic here on the Cranked blog. Check it out:

* Bike Works has a current opening for TWO Bike Shop Mechanics. One of our mechanics has decided to go back to school, so we’re searching for great mechanics to work full time or part time this summer, and possibly part time in the off-peak season (usually October – April).

* Bike Works is a not-for-profit community bicycle shop, and offers a rich, dynamic, and rewarding job opportunity. While the technical aspects of the job require top-notch mechanical ability, working in our bike shop also requires a commitment to youth, community development, and sustainable transportation.

To find out more about the opportunity, check out the position opening.

And of course, you should look more into what Bike Works is all about. They do some really cool things, which is why there was a sweet article on them back in issue #3.

This is one of the cool things I’ve learned about bike shops, everyday people come into Wright Bros asking about buying a cheap used bike, or where to get used parts, and invariably—because we’re only a repair shop for the most part—we tell them to check out Bike Works among other shops like Recycled Cycles or Second Ascent. All great shops.


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  1. crankedmag says:

    Also new today is the new recruit to the ad lists next door:

    Make sure to check out Bici Concepts.

  2. Jobs, ah, yes under the current paradigm they do appear quite “necessary” but will it always be that way, and how do we get from “here” to “there” ?

    The following website
    makes the case that human “robots”, i.e. 99% of the “humans”, can transition to be human “beings”, and the mindless, souless work they “had to do” will instead be done by souless robots and computers.

    Once this occurs, and it can happen in a flash, we can all do what we want, and when we want to, and stop playing neverending mental games of why this and that is the way it is just to make ourselves “feel” better.

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