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Nice Porteur!

I’ve got two front-loader porteur racks. One is by C.E.T.M.A, the other is by 12-Pack Rack. The first is extremely functional, carries a heavy load, and can now be seen hauling pizzas around the Ballard area. Snoose Junction Pizzeria just started delivering pizzas by bicycle (and they’re hiring riders), they have had some custom backpacks made for carrying hot pizzas on your back (made by Cory here in Seattle with Dank bags), and they’ve outfitted several mountain bikes with 8-rail C.E.T.M.A. racks:


The 12-Pack Rack is also a wonderfully functional porteur rack with a more elegant design and style. Working at a bike shop where copious bike-centric people pass by my bicycle I get a near constant stream of questions as to where this rack was made and of course, where can they get one. My reply, “Leah in Wisconsin makes them, she doesn’t have a website, but she can be emailed a request for one if you’re interested.” Stainless steel tubes, cleanly welded with nice circular flourishes, a headlight mount, and maybe even a bottle opener too.


Let me know if you’d like her email to find out more info for her 12-Pack Racks.

Here are some other racks I’ve seen through Flickr lately too:


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  1. lee says:

    Alex Wetmore is also hip to the porteur racks, and has been working on brazing up his own.

    I was toying with putting together a “low-gravity” bike, 20″ front wheel where the porteur rack is only attatched to the frame rather than the fork. Basically a short, kludged version of the Borracho.

  2. Jack says:

    Yes, I’d like to get in touch with Leah regarding her 12-pack racks. Please provide contact info. Thanks!

  3. crankedmag says:

    Check out her photos and email address on the Cranked Magazine’s flickr stream here: 12-Pack Rack

  4. Gee Money says:

    The photo with the veggies in it is my homie. He makes bags for racks and stuff.

  5. Bernard Bomba says:

    I’m interested in the front end basket in this crank blog, the picture with the veggies. I need a porteur rack with attachable box or basket for a Kogswell bike that is being built. Thanks. Bernie

  6. Roberto says:

    Hey would love to get contact info for 12-pack-rack – please email!

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