Lacing Lessons

I’ve done plenty more wheel lacing now that I’m working at Wright Bros, and I hope to lace plenty more. I must admit as well, that I’ve had to consult the how-to in the last issue of Cranked as I’ve forgotten some of the details of lacing. It really is an extremely useful reference. It’s really cool to see people using it in the co-op space at the shop, teaching themselves or referring to it while they’re lacing up their new set of wheels.

The next issue of Cranked may be a while, but there are still plenty of issue five’s available if you’d like to stock them in your shop or pick one up and learn yourself how easy and fun it is to lace your own wheels.

Back to the shop in a few moments with me, I need more time learning the subtleties of rounding the wheel—truing and dishing seems pretty straightforward—however, ensuring there aren’t any “flat-spots” in those wheels takes a bit more time to pick up. I’m glad I’ve got people looking over my shoulder to check my work!

“Whatever happened to those raffle wheels anyway?” Well, the winner so far has only said this:

* GOT THE WHEELS TODAY! Fucking awesome.

This was a few days ago, so we’re still waiting for those pictures Ben.

2 thoughts on “Lacing Lessons

  1. I had a fun time lacing up my new front wheel for my LHT. Nothing like getting every spoke laced and then realizing you screwed up and there’s a cross over the valve hole. Ctrl-z, ctrl-z, ctrl-z.

    I also have a hard time with flat spots and nipple strippin’. I suppose the only way to get better is to build more wheels though, right?

  2. i remember when i first started lacing im not saying im smarter than anybody but i think i learned pretty much before first grade, and i kinda just held on to it. I mean i may have forgotten a couple of times but i think there were other extenuating circumstances. Just sayin

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