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Not a lot of activity on the Cranked site here lately, eh? I’ve been out riding my bike, enjoying the spring you see. I’ve been out looking for work, ugh—what a pain in the ass that is. I’ve been out working on bikes, and learning what it’s like working in a bike shop. That has been exceedingly enjoyable, and could easily displace any efforts to do anything else. Being in a learning environment, being surrounded by tools, spokes, beautiful (and some not-so-beautiful) frames, what’s not to love about it?

It’s been an interesting spring so far. I imagine a lot of people are kicking it up in San Francisco for NACCC (PDF Press Release); I certainly regret not being able to make it. I’ll keep an eye out for photos and stories from the weekend.

All this said, I’m sure that people are interested in seeing the next issue of Cranked. There has been some good stuff sent in for it, but honestly, there really hasn’t been quite enough to produce the next issue as comparably as its predecessors. The few articles I’ve gotten in from contributors have been great, unfortunately there are just too few of them. This being the case, we’ll all have to continue waiting for the next issue of Cranked; besides, like I said I’m really just enjoying my spring and soon to be summer, and for the moment, it’s all I want to do. We’ll call it a Cranked Summer Vacation! Keep in touch, and be patient!


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  1. […] of it was already mentioned in previous posts regarding my desire to experience bikes more, and enjoy my summer—by and large, spending time wrenching in a shop has largely displaced my interest in struggling […]

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