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There’s a few new events up on the Cranked Calendar (full list here). The Filmed by Bike film festival was a great time and likely success. There’s the upcoming cavalcade of films brought to you by Brendt of Bicycle Film Festival popularity. There’s also a film festival happening down in Salt Lake City, the Pedal Pusher Film Festival happening in a couple weeks. During Pedalpalooza there’s a film airing at the familiar Clinton Street Theater on Bicycle Porn. We just can’t get enough, can we?

So I’m curious… what’s the great connection between bicycles and film? I know I love taking pictures of my bike and other bike things, and there’s evidently a lot of people out there that do the same. Had I a better method of taking footage, I’m sure the Cranked YouTube page would consist of more intriguing bike exploits. Taking pics & riding bikes go so well together that it’s something everyone and anyone can and should do. And from what everyone has been sending in, well… keep those cameras clicking!


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3 Responses

  1. Mark says:

    Hey how about some cranked t-shirts with the next issue? Or now?

    Mark from WBCW

  2. revphil says:

    tis true tis true, the bike love spreads like a rash and let me tell you, if you don’t scratch that itch you are missing the point.

    give in to the Pornography of the Bicycle

  3. crankedmag says:

    yes, the pornography of the bicycle…

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