Lacing Lessons

I’ve done plenty more wheel lacing now that I’m working at Wright Bros, and I hope to lace plenty more. I must admit as well, that I’ve had to consult the how-to in the last issue of Cranked as I’ve forgotten some of the details of lacing. It really is an extremely useful reference. It’s really cool to see people using it in the co-op space at the shop, teaching themselves or referring to it while they’re lacing up their new set of wheels.

The next issue of Cranked may be a while, but there are still plenty of issue five’s available if you’d like to stock them in your shop or pick one up and learn yourself how easy and fun it is to lace your own wheels.

Back to the shop in a few moments with me, I need more time learning the subtleties of rounding the wheel—truing and dishing seems pretty straightforward—however, ensuring there aren’t any “flat-spots” in those wheels takes a bit more time to pick up. I’m glad I’ve got people looking over my shoulder to check my work!

“Whatever happened to those raffle wheels anyway?” Well, the winner so far has only said this:

* GOT THE WHEELS TODAY! Fucking awesome.

This was a few days ago, so we’re still waiting for those pictures Ben.


Not a lot of activity on the Cranked site here lately, eh? I’ve been out riding my bike, enjoying the spring you see. I’ve been out looking for work, ugh—what a pain in the ass that is. I’ve been out working on bikes, and learning what it’s like working in a bike shop. That has been exceedingly enjoyable, and could easily displace any efforts to do anything else. Being in a learning environment, being surrounded by tools, spokes, beautiful (and some not-so-beautiful) frames, what’s not to love about it?

It’s been an interesting spring so far. I imagine a lot of people are kicking it up in San Francisco for NACCC (PDF Press Release); I certainly regret not being able to make it. I’ll keep an eye out for photos and stories from the weekend.

All this said, I’m sure that people are interested in seeing the next issue of Cranked. There has been some good stuff sent in for it, but honestly, there really hasn’t been quite enough to produce the next issue as comparably as its predecessors. The few articles I’ve gotten in from contributors have been great, unfortunately there are just too few of them. This being the case, we’ll all have to continue waiting for the next issue of Cranked; besides, like I said I’m really just enjoying my spring and soon to be summer, and for the moment, it’s all I want to do. We’ll call it a Cranked Summer Vacation! Keep in touch, and be patient!


There’s a few new events up on the Cranked Calendar (full list here). The Filmed by Bike film festival was a great time and likely success. There’s the upcoming cavalcade of films brought to you by Brendt of Bicycle Film Festival popularity. There’s also a film festival happening down in Salt Lake City, the Pedal Pusher Film Festival happening in a couple weeks. During Pedalpalooza there’s a film airing at the familiar Clinton Street Theater on Bicycle Porn. We just can’t get enough, can we?

So I’m curious… what’s the great connection between bicycles and film? I know I love taking pictures of my bike and other bike things, and there’s evidently a lot of people out there that do the same. Had I a better method of taking footage, I’m sure the Cranked YouTube page would consist of more intriguing bike exploits. Taking pics & riding bikes go so well together that it’s something everyone and anyone can and should do. And from what everyone has been sending in, well… keep those cameras clicking!