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No, not the dance club I used to get dragged out to in DC that people thought incorrectly was a heroin den. Train tracks; or more accurately streetcar tracks and light rail tracks! I’m happy to see them myself, we’ll just have to keep an eye out when crossing them with our thin tires. We all know people that have had this happen to them in one form or another:


I’ll assume the Master Plan takes these track’s danger into consideration and puts some similar signs up. These harsh “endo approaching” signs always make me crack up (much like these action packed signs do).

I enjoy riding around on Westlake Ave nowadays, and look forward to negotiating these rails and the streetcars that will be on them, much like one has to in towns like Portland or San Francisco.


Riding down Pine has been fun lately too, just seeing the change in progress as the months pass by to accomodate the new Light Rail. So much change. So much growth. Is it perfect? Of course not, but maybe it’s getting us closer to some kind of mass transit mecca? One day. I’m hoping that this 1.3 mile track from South Lake Union to Downtown really will provide enough options for trips in the area. My initial thought is “why limit it to 1.3 miles?” The current monorail is only 1.2 miles in length and we always hear the criticism of that being merely a tourist attraction.

I’m very glad to see thoughts put forward for future expansions of it, I hope the streetcar gets the support it needs to continue it’s growth and expansion. I’m a supporter of it’s potential, let’s just make sure it doesn’t become some toy train for the upper-crust or allow it to fall into disrepair, get questionably replaced, or outright dismantled.


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  1. Sis says:

    Ha… I used to party hard at dance club Tracks back in the 80’s. Brings back some serious memories…. good times and perdy women. hee, hee… and no it was a great place to drink and hook up with fun peeps, none of which were vein busters.

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