Filmed by Bike!

Yeah, we’re heading down to Portland this weekend. I just re-did Brooke’s handlebars.

Gotta travel in style

What’s happening in Portland this weekend, you ask? Why Filmed by Bike, of course! That’s why this post is named the way it is. I’m utterly ecstatic to hop on the train and spend the beginning of the weekend down in Portland. I’ll be helping out Ayleen sell some Filmed by Bike DVD’s along with copies of Cranked. I’m really excited to see some rad bike flicks, all the party faces, and if it’ll be anything like last year, just scads and scads of bikes everywhere.

The Midnight Mystery Ride is reason enough to visit Portland with a bike, and there just so happens to be a ride planned this Friday after the two screenings of the Festival. I’ve been on one of these rides, after last year’s FBB. I heard it was quite the raucous time. I heard it was a lot of fun. I know there was a lot of beer consumed. I can’t wait to go on one again. Friday.

Friday will mark my first day without a job. I’m excited about that as well. I’ll be looking for something soon, seriously, got any suggestions? Bike shops, book shops? But in the meantime I will surely take a few days to enjoy the great weather I’ve arranged for the Pacific Northwest area. Arranged for, wished for—same thing, right?

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