Things to check out…

First off, just got this email from Velocipede Bike Project about being on the radio. Things seem to be developing pretty well for them, but I’m sure more support is always needed. If you remember we touched on them and other bicycle co-ops and non-profits back in issue three of Cranked. Check out the radio spot at Signal Radio and see some images of the shop too.

Other news: Filmed by Bike is getting ever nearer.

Film is good, film is great, there’s also the Bicycle Film Festival tour getting ready to take off. There’s also the Pedal Pusher into it’s fourth year. Interesting how there is such a great connection between film and bicycles. What’s up with that anyway?

Locally: There’s some cool development going on around where my day job is. Tracks are getting laid, and its great to see. It’d of course be great to see these tracks expanded all over the city to actually have a decent public transportation system, but time will tell. There’s only been decades of squabbling here about this subject. I love seeing this kind of construction and development, no matter how significant or not it is, it’s just cool to see.


So is this kind of thing. Outdoor, year-round, aluminum ping-pong. Westlake and Harrison if you want to know Aaron.


Also, check out some of the discussion that’s going on in response to David Smith’s article in issue five:

Cascade’s Message Boards, here and here

as well as

LAB’s Discussion List. Lot’s of interesting points of view on this subject.

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