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Issue #5 Arrives

Issue Five is now cluttering my apartment, buy more copies and have it clutter yours!

I have mailed out everyone’s copy that was ordered, and have shipped out to a bunch of shops. If your shop doesn’t have it stocked yet, tell them to get it.

This was a fun issue to put together, thanks to everyone who helped and a happy birthday to you all as well!


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7 Responses

  1. Lane says:

    YES YES YES. Well done, Michael.

  2. Justin says:

    Good Job Mike! Here’s to another great year.

  3. Rich says:

    There’s definitely some talent on the staff. The magazine looks great cover to cover! If I had to criticize, well… I felt there could’ve been more tits but then the new year has only just begun. Hope to see more good work in the future.

  4. FREE KINDRED says:

    Well worth the wait. Gorgeous!

  5. Glad to see someone publish a history of cyclists’ fight for equal rights. Good article and good rag!
    Now if we could just get cyclists to understand the formula for safety: Equal Rules + Equal Rights + Adult-level Cyclist Ed = Equally Safe.

    It astounds me whenever I meet a cyclist with decades of experience, thousands of miles ridden, and yet makes simple riding mistakes that mislead drivers into passing too close.
    It’s the training that makes the difference! Imagine driving a car without ever taking Drivers Ed, where we learn to avoid common driver errors, and to compensate for common errors by others.
    Same for bikes; we’re not perfect, so we tend to make common errors too. We can also learn to compensate for common driver errors they make around cyclists. It’s not rocket science, but it is the science of traffic bicycling; and they don’t teach it in third grade!
    So take a class at and learn to ride with pride, like an adult, with equal rights and equal safety.

  6. oliver says:

    dope anniversary issue… really looking forward to the utility issue. keep it up! Thanks from VT!

  7. Dennis Grace says:

    I picked up the latest edition of Cranked @ ABR yestersday. Great Job!

    It was very nice to see David Smith’s story in print, published in a real magazine, albiet an alterantive mag but hey David’s story is about an alternative to costly facilities that really won’t make riding safer. Safe riders and motorists make riding safer, not seperated facilities that facilitate and perpetuate the bias against cyclists and the ignorance that our roads are the soveriegn domain of motorized transport. Like David I too am an LCI who believes that education is a necessary component to the social change of attitude that must occur to reach the tipping point where folks will actually get out of their cars and ride a bike instead of drive. The biggest hurdle though is convincing these people it is safe to ride on our roads, IF you know how to ride safely. Education is difficult to do in our ‘don’t need no education’ society. We just want idiot-proof solutions and seperated facilites seem like the solution to the average person. When in reality seperated facilites create more problems than they solve, but they do create the illusion of safety so they got that going for them. Of course convincing motorists that bicycles do have a right to ride on our roads is another necessary goal of education.

    I was also thrilled to see Charles Hadrann’s wheelbuilding article too! I took his class and built a set of wheels, but for me if I don’t use it I loose it. I have another set of wheels I want to build up but was going to have trouble remembering all the steps correctly. Now I have a step by step instruction manual.


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