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San Francisco

So this weekend Brooke and I are heading down to San Francisco. I hope to deliver a bunch of magazines, meet some people I’ve only communicated via email with in person, maybe ride around the city, but most of all we plan on relaxing and enjoying the town. It’s a little birthday gift to ourselves, even those who don’t work for the government deserve a three-day weekend.

The last time I was there I was just getting over my injuries from getting hit in Baltimore, renting a bike at one of those places on the water was fun and really brought my mood back up. Are there any places one could cheaply rent, or borrow, some bikes for a weekend? If there’s one thing I really love is riding around in another city. It’s a short trip this weekend, travelling light, so bringing our own bikes isn’t really an option. Besides it’s another 80 dollars a piece each way to bring your bike on the plane I’ve found.

Like I said we’re down to relax, but I would like to see some cool bike shops down there, but I’m not sure which ones are not to be missed. I’m open to suggestions.

Also, as I’m still waiting to get issue 5 back from the printer (I’ve been told today is the day), I thought I’d share the Bicycle Noose ahead of time. You’ll notice the call for entries to the Bicycle Film Festival has been extended to the 1st of March. Just like the Filmed by Bike deadline for entries. BFF~FBB


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  1. crankedmag says:

    I plan on also checking out these guys while I’m there too.

  2. - says:

    If you head to the East Bay you should check out Montano Velo on piedmont in Oakland (get off on Bart at Rockridge or Macarthur). Nice area to walk around too. In the city I think Freewheel on Hayes and Box Dog on 14th in the Mission are worth strolling by. Most of the bike rental places are in North Beach. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing the new issue.

  3. Vann says:

    the new issue showed up at my house today.
    it looks great

    can i get a fuck, fuck, yeah yeah!?!?!?!?!

  4. Tony says:

    Blazing Saddles Bike Rentals has a few locations all around Fishermans Wharf, and you can rent a couple of hybrid or mountain bikes for cheap (7 bucks an hour, or 24 bucks for each day.) Usually they get people to get on a bike trail that goes across the Golden Gate bridge, and you can either ride back or grab a ferry that drops you off right back where you started.

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