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Bike Swap

So I very nearly forgot about the bike swap, I don’t really need anything, but I’m gonna go regardless. I’m sure I’ll find something or other.

Anyway, I hope to see some friendly faces there and on my way along the Burke and among the aisles of bike parts. Speaking of the Burke, keep an eye out for some development on a Community Driven Trail Art project. I believe there’ll be some meetings happening sometime in the next couple months for discussion as to what and where we’re going to see this art installation. I’m gonna chime in myself for the tunnel option! It could be a little archway that cyclists and such would travel through, complete with a Nickels honorary plaque for his efforts to really advance alternative transportation in Seattle.

All joking aside, the Viaduct Tunnel option is not what Seattle needs, but seeing some art on the trail would be great! I’ll keep everyone in tune with more information on it when I get it.

Well, I’d better get moving if I want to make it to the Swap!


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