You Smell Something?

The magazine’s proof has been signed off on, and I’m just waiting for the call to come pick them up. I’m excited. It won’t be too long now.

Other news, Justin has put together a great race, hopefully it won’t be as wet and rainy as last year’s, but either way, you’ll have a good time. (Probably the second weekend of March, more details to come!) Come out and play with us and your bikes, there’ll be an after party at the finish line where the wheelset raffle will take place and one lucky Cranked reader will be selected out of a hat to win the wheels. I just stopped into the shop today to check in on them, they said hello and they’re doing fine. Charles says hello too.

If postings and emails have seemed more intermittent than usual it’s because I’ve given up on dealing with my internet service provider. I’ve given up on having to unplug my modem repeatedly. I no longer want to find myself reaching behind the desk, pressing my face against the wall stretching to find the cable modem’s power cable anymore. I grew tired of being advised to go through yet another “method” of recycling my cable modem’s settings: unplug everything from the modem, the power, the co-ax, the data cable, wait 10 minutes, perform broadband dance…. No thanks, I’ll just go get a coffee.

I’m at Vérité at the moment, tonight has been interesting, Brooke and I took the bus out to Ballard only to have the driver pull over and announce over the PA that he smells smoke. He doesn’t tell us to get off the bus or anything, he just allows us sit there taking in the burning electric aroma. After a few moments of hesitation, there was a unconscious community decision to depart the bus. This was a nice delay only for the fact that we ran into Craig Etheridge and then later Justin himself, had a nice chat with both of them. How we had wished we had ridden our bikes instead of the bus; those two looked so much better off riding their bikes.

Well, I’ve been working at 5:00 am everyday this week, I’m glad it’s the weekend. I’m out. Don’t forget, this is the last weekend to get into the wheelset raffle. Only two more days left to get free shipping.


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