Helmet laws!

Alright, let’s talk about something else controversial. Just kidding.

I wanted to let everyone know that issue five is just around the corner. It has made it to the printer, and we’re just waiting for it to return all pretty and colorful! For all of those that have pre-ordered your copy, rest assure, it’ll be sent immediately after they get printed, and for those domestic orders, cross your fingers for those wheels, they’re waiting for you too.

To give a little bit more of a peak at the up-coming issue, its featuring the above article on this unique wheel-lacing method. As well as an article that adds some question to the Seattle Bicycle Master Plan and offers some alternative perspectives to it. What’s everyone’s thoughts on the Plan? I know many other cities are considering similar infrastructural changes, how are they working? Is this kind of meddling government necessary? How much would simple education for drivers and cyclists answer the problems these “Plans” are attempting to address?

If you’ve visiting the Cranked Mag mySpace page, you may have noticed a new image there. Yes, its the new cover. I’ll keep it small for the moment, but here it is:

I’ve put a cut-off date for the wheel set raffle. That day is tomorrow the 12th of February, but as the magazine won’t be completed tomorrow, let’s extend the raffle to the following Monday, the 19th of February. All pre-orders for this week will also have free-shipping, so if you’ve neglected buying a copy because of the $2.00 shipping costs, your time has come. Pre-order issue #5 here.


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