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It has recently been brought to my attention that Cranked is seen as a magazine that panders to a specific group. That it is trying to “be” a messenger magazine, trying to “be” something that it isn’t. I’d like to set this straight.

Faux-real, faux-messenger, faux-magazine?

Isn’t this a rather closed-minded approach to community? Just because someone is riding their bike downtown, and its a fixed gear, or they have a shoulder slung bag on, their pants are rolled up or whatever, are they “obviously” trying to cop a style, and are therefore subject to ridicule. What is this? Is it style? Are people that self-important and conceited that they think they’ve set some precedent in fashion that isn’t to be replicated? That some amount of reverence needs to be submitted first? Are people that vain? It must be something other than vanity and selfishness then. Closed-mindedness is all I’m left with.

Do people think Cranked is a faux-magazine? Attempting to be a messenger magazine? Trying to be something it isn’t? Do people know what Cranked is about? I’ll tell you, it is absolutely not aiming to be a messenger magazine. Rather, it is attempting to offer coverage of some of the things messengers do. Read this sentence too: Cranked is also attempting to offer coverage of some of the things commuters do. Oh, and also what drunken bike groups do, what bike shops and mechanics do, what bike riders do, what those who ride alone do, what point83 does, what the Dead Babies do, what Fast Friday does, what bike groups like Cascade, Bike Dexter, SORBA, BBTC, Bicycle Kitchen, CCC, Velocipede, and what the B:C:Clettes do, Cyclecide, Streetsblog, Rochester Alley Cat, Baleen, etc, etc, etc. See a pattern? Does this sound like something that is pandering to one specific group of cyclists, like something that is trying to be one specific group of bikers?

Have I left anyone out? Has the magazine left anyone out? (Yes, I know there are millions more; want coverage? contact me.) We all know the old adage, don’t judge a book by its cover. This means give it a chance, taste the noodles, smell the broth, judge it by what it is and not what you’ve heard or assume it is. Don’t know it’s history, find out and ask.

Seriously, keep it real and forget about your judgements on what is faux-real or not.


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  1. messenger_style says:

    Regardless of the approach, the style emulated was created out of necessity, and partially for it’s look, by messengers. People who make their living on the street moving packages on bikes. Now that bikes are becoming more popular, more people are dressing like messengers. Is this a bad thing? Maybe, maybe not.

    Sometimes people who dress or act like messengers, make real messengers look bad. Cutting lights, buzzing pedestrians, and shit like that. Yeah, real messengers do that, but they’re also juggling multiple jobs and deadlines, not commuting or running errands.

    And admittedly, everyone has to start somewhere. We weren’t all messengers when we were born. But guilty by association sucks sometimes. The best you can do is keep a smile on your face and care not for what people think of you.


  2. nik says:

    funny that i read this post minutes after seeing this in my RSS feeds:

    i seem to have *missed* the memo about it being a messenger (faux)magazine, it always seemed like it was a magazine about being stoked on bikes… rather than delivering packages. after all… if you were trying to be a mesenger mag, wouldnt you have sections about the best way to free lock your bike, get past building security to make drops, etc etc rather than talking about bike trailers or celebrating riding cruisers?

    In the FOUR issues i have read (and shared amongst friends up here in vancouver) i havent heard anyone make a similar comment. everyone i know seems to say ‘great photos/mag/articles’… nobody has ever mentioned messengers…

  3. derrickito says:

    i just have to drop a quote here. im not responsible for this funny, but i just wanted to share:

    Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a group of professional dish washers out there that got all huffy about the way others cleaned up after supper?

    Followed around by a group of scenesters emulating them by dressing in aprons and wearing rubber gloves.

  4. Uncle Martha says:

    Erm, I ride a fixie here in Seattle (sometimes downtown even!) and I’m not a messenger. Yes, I have a messenger bag (which is an “unfortunate”(?) name for what is really just a shoulder bag), I wear knickers when I ride (‘cos they’re comfortable and don’t get chewed up by my chain), I even have a cool, woolen cap (which fits nicely under my helmet) that one might even call a cycling cap. Does this make me an inadvertent poseur?

    I love that people (and I mean ALL people, myself included) can feel so proprietary about combinations of clothing (among other things). That said, I wonder how many messengers are actually taking time out of their busy days to devote to worrying over what we’re wearing. I can’t imagine it, unless you’ve made “bike messenger” your identity. Certainly some messengers do just that. They and their like-minded friends identify themselves as “messengers”, so when people who admire their look begin to emulate it, they’re going to feel threatened.

    Anyway, all of that blather aside, I’ve read a few issues of Cranked and never occurred to me that it was meant for messengers only. To me it seems to be a magazine (not a ‘zine, ‘cos there’s advertising) for fixed-gear enthusiasts and then bicycle enthusiasts possibly with a bent toward the “alternative” or “underground” scenes (whatever these mean). Is it a “real” magazine? Why wouldn’t it be? What constitutes a “real” magazine is just as problematic as what constitutes a “poseur”, it’s all predicated on whatever your idea about the thing is.

    I’m done now.

  5. Aaron Goss says:

    I love bikes! I love all literature about bikes. Your magazine seems to be about bikes. It is pretty hip though!

  6. Bill says:

    Nice article. Yeah, I was struggling to come up with a reason, but I think you nailed it: closed-mindedness.

  7. twitch says:

    I have no problem with someone riding fixed. Messenger do not just ride fixed gears and they have no ownership over any kind of bike. What I do have a problem with is people who jump on a bandwagon. People that spend more time talking about bikes than they do about real life. Messengers are guilty of that too.

    But what I really dispise about ‘fakengers’ is the people that have co opted our dress sense, our bars, our races, our community and yet have never worked as messengers. That have no idea how hard it being a real messenger is. They haven’t worked all day in the pissing rain, freezing cold or burning sun. They haven’t ridden themselves in to the ground for 9hrs plus, day after day, week after week, year after year. They haven’t ridden with broken bones in these conditions because they couldn’t pay the rent otherwise.

    ALSO Messenger bags are called messenger bags because they were first adopted and then redesigned for use by mesengers. A messenger bag is not just a shoulder bag.

  8. twitch says:

    to sumerise a little more, its a certain section of people i hate. People who want to play at being something they’re not. Fixies are practical. Messenger bags are practical. But copying messenger image wholesale when your not a messenger… thats just fucking bullshit.

  9. mike says:

    the image of messangers is created out of function…bike comuters are obviously going to copy a functional fashion, that they can see in action, working… the only thing i see wrong with the “fakengers” is riding brakeless when they have little experiance with riding fixed

  10. Zontar the Destructor says:

    “But copying messenger image wholesale when your not a messenger… thats just fucking bullshit.”

    But I think we’re running into the *idea* thing. I worked for years as a custodian in all conditions: sick/well, extremes of temperature, extended hours when we were under staffed. But if I saw somebody wearing Dickies or work boots, I didn’t get all bent out of shape over it. Being a Janitor wasn’t who I was, it was what I did. Not many people realized how hard it could be, but not many people gave a shit either.

    But when I framed houses I got angry about frat boys and minivan moms wearing Carhartt stuff for fashion. So I’m guilty too. But trying to *own* a look is a waste of time. If your identy is how you dress for work or the tools you use, then you have way more issues then being mad at people who dress like you or ride bikes like yours.

  11. twitch says:

    its not about owning an identity. Its about people jumping the train for fashion. Thats what bugs me. I never had time for anyone who pretends to be something they’re not. I don’t care if that makes me look stupid. I’m not trying to own a job or an image. I have friends who ride ‘track bikes’ and wear messenger bags who have never been messengers. What they’re not trying to do is fully co opt a lifestyle they’ve never had. Thats my point.

  12. twitch says:

    anyways I’m gonna leave it as that cos I don’t wanna look an asshole or a bully.. since apparently messengers bully fakengers…?
    But I think I’ve spent my 10 pence.

  13. crankedmag says:

    I certainly don’t want to drag this old argument out from the closet.

    I just wanted to test the waters and see if there was any consensus to this inaccurate thought that Cranked was a messenger ‘zine. The individual who brought it up to me was, in my opinion, misinformed, and wasn’t looking at the whole picture, or even the contents of the magazine for that matter. I for one think it is a preposterous notion that Cranked is trying to be anything but an outlet for bicycle people, culture, and community. This isn’t to say that I don’t want Cranked to appeal to messengers, I feel they are a part of the bike community, and are definitely one of the strongest and tightest communities that exist.

    Basically, I hope Cranked can appeal to and represent everyone equally. Thanks for weighing in everyone.


  14. messenger_style says:

    Your magazine has had flyers for messenger races and reviews of events which until recently were mostly geared towards messengers. They’re part of the community you say and they get some coverage. That’s cool with me.

    But people who are really into their jobs can sometimes be wary of what they see as outside influence. This goes for people like tattoo artists, and other lines of work where people become very tight with their coworkers and friends. So when messengers take some offense or are wary of what they see as non messengers copping style, I understand it. Perhaps if you had a messenger on your staff it would be seen differently.

    I for one like what you’re doing and am looking forward to the next issue.

  15. peter barrett says:

    I love this discussion and the “I was here first, why are you copying me” argument that started it all. It is the same argument that “true” skaters sent to Skateboarder magazine in the late seventies, “real” bikers complained about to BMX Action in the early eighties, more “true” skaters bitched on to Thrasher mag later in the eighties, “crustier than thou” vintage-bike-geeks are blogging about on as we speak, and so on…In a phrase “played out.”

    How about this; if you ride a bike and enjoy it, then your in. End of discussion.

    Question; Does any one remember the messenger craze of the mid-eighties? and the spandex bike short craze that it started? And the articles in Outside and other magazines that resulted? and the Kevin Bacon movie Quicksilver?

  16. Greydon Clark says:

    I hate office drones from Bellevue that wear golf shirts to work, but only play at corporate outings and shoot like 125. Seriously, that burns my ass so bad. You have to pay your dues if you’re going rock a paisley Ashworth golf shirt to work. Fuck, I played in the company nine-hole league for years before I became a full member at the golf club. And last summer me and Bob Yakabonni won the member-member (2nd flight), bitch.


  17. Davis says:

    I have friends who ride ‘track bikes’ and wear messenger bags who have never been messengers. What they’re not trying to do is fully co opt a lifestyle they’ve never had.

    How do you distinguish between someone who rides a fixie and wears a messenger bag for practical/fun reasons, and someone who is trying to “co opt a lifestyle”? Can you tell by looking? Do you go ask each and every one about their motivation?

    Speaking as an asshole for a moment, it sounds like you’re trying really hard to say “I don’t judge people, except when I do.”

  18. el says:

    glad you took a stand cranked. the magazine is great. the funny thing about the whole messenger/fixie/hipster name calling bullshit is that it happens with everything… I remember when wearing a plaid shirt meant you were “trying” to be an indie rocker. trying to be someone on an independent record label? it made no sense. or with surfing… every surfer gets all up in arms when some kid from the burbs wears a billabong shirt and doesn’t surf. who cares. the problem with associating people with trends is that you wind up on that same level of superficiality. to me anyone riding a bike is a good thing. I happen to enjoy riding fixed because I don’t like road bikes or clunky cruisers. I could give a shit if what I am wearing matches what I am doing (surfing, riding a bike, ripping a bong on a ferris wheel)… people need to relax and not worry about who is copying who. the original fixed riders ate wheat muffins and crapped their pants in the early 1900s… peace. – el (bay area, CA)

  19. carleton says:

    I have yet to know a single person who bought a fixed gear to be cool… “hey guys can I hang out? look how cool I am with my new bike” ….does that exist? EVERYONE I know, especially in Oakland, SF, etc rides a fixed gear because they enjoy it…. if they don’t enjoy it after two months I am fine with that…I guess I will pick up a frame for cheap on Craigslist! My wife gets glared at for riding fixed because she looks young and people assume she is trying to be cool by riding fixed. someone yelled “are you a messenger or just trying to be one?” …are you all tools with no life or do you just like announcing it?! Fact of humanity: people care way more about what others do than about what they do themselves…….. so go do shit!

  20. Bill says:

    Uh Twitch, those bags were actually first made by Globe Canvas for telephone line-men and adopted by messengers companies in NYC. Popularized by messengers, but not invented by.

  21. tomas says:

    Gonna answer these then leave it alone because I have stated my views

    I never said messengers invented messenger bags. I said they adopted them.

    “ALSO Messenger bags are called messenger bags because they were first adopted and then redesigned for use by mesengers. A messenger bag is not just a shoulder bag. ”

    and in answer to this
    “How do you distinguish between someone who rides a fixie and wears a messenger bag for practical/fun reasons, and someone who is trying to “co opt a lifestyle”?”

    The difference is those who impersonate us almost to the note, yet don’t do the job.

  22. Elric says:

    Let’s see, I like to ride my fixed gear through the city. I wear knickers cause they are comfy and practical, allowing you to ride for sometime in comfort and all the convience lycra shorts do not have (like pockets).

    I use a messenger bag becuase it is a supremely practical way to carry stuff while on a bike. You know, tubes, tools, snacks and the things we need for life, like books and such.

    I have never worked as a messenger and probably I never will.

    I also loved Cranked Magazine.

    Does this make me a fakenger? I really don’t care. I like my bike and I like my bag, why? Cause it works and makes my bike a comfortable, fun alternative to a car.

    I also spent several years in the Army, do I hate everyone who wears camoflauge? DO I hate people who sell “special forces” or “ranger” everything? No.

    Get over it. Cranked is an awesome bike magazine. Not a messenger magazine. Just like I am a cyclist. Not a messenger.

  23. Morgan says:

    You’re not a fakenger, because you don’t constantly try to come off as a messenger. Pure and simple.
    Both sides just need to f’ing relax.
    Humans are defined by their suffering, and messengers suffer(5 hrs into a shit-raining shift IS suffering), and are brought closer as a community for it. So I can understand when messengers feel a certian amount of ire toward folks who crash their parties, hang out in “their” bars, and generally hang around downtown being in the “scene”. I’ve met SEVERAL kids who, when asked “Are you a messenger?” respond with “Nah I just dig the scene”. The “veterans” feel as though these folk are trying to infiltrate their “family”, and hence, the hostility and distain. Can you blame them for being pissed about someone co-opting the sweetness of their lifestyle(whatever that might be) without earning it with the sour days of being soaked to the bone and breathing through your eyes to get shit done because some clerk waited till the last minute? I think NO, but that’s just me.
    To folks who wear comfortable, functional clothing and ride fixies w/a shoulder/messenger bag (which is stupid UNLESS you are digging around in it every 10 minutes, Yay backpacks!), Right On! enjoy the fun between your legs, but if you choose to “look like a duck, and quack like a duck”, show some respect to the “actual” ducks and don’t be an ass or try to be what you are not. It reflects badly on the guys and gals who have to do this as a JOB(ie,they don’t GET to ride, they HAVE to ride). (they’re asses enough without your help…kidding).

    To the messengers who feel co-opted: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Yes, that little EMO in PDX w/the “PORTLAND” sharpie tattoo on his knuckles deserves to be slapped for being a f’ing poseur, but think bigger. You guys/gals are getting people on bikes(good thing) through just doing your job. Do you care? Mabye not, and that’s OK, but starting drama because a kid has a u-lock in his/her back pocket smacks of Junior-High.

    Here’s what I propose to BOTH sides: Let it go. “Holier than Thou” attitudes don’t look good on anybody, so don’t be a snide asshole when talking about “your side” (read half of the posts above.) because it just makes YOU part of the problem(see. I do it too! See how bad it looks!). let’s talk about the next race/raffle/whatever.
    Yay bikes.

  24. Bryan Bartsch says:

    Hey Michael can i out you to everyone and tell them what you use to do for a living here in Baltimore or would you rather keep that under wraps. any ways i as a messenger(though i only saw the first edition) believe the magazine is quite good and as far as the dress code i kind of think it’s bullshit anyway and shoulder bags(oops i mean messenger bags) are kind of passe for our line of work anymore any who,considering to make any money in this sport anymore you gotta move some freight and if you want to throw a couple of full size blue print rolls or a copy box in your sling bag and then jump on your fixie and break your shoulder be my guest. other wise stop posing get a rack a back pack and whatever else you can hook to your ride to carry some freight and shut up and make some money,and let everyone else be because in the end one more bike means hmmmm …… one less asshole car on the road.

    p.s. hey mike hope your well

  25. crankedmag says:

    It is no secret Bryan! At least I didn’t think it was?! As brief as it was, I still think it was the best job I’ve ever had, everything considering. Glad you like the mag, you gotta see more of it, keep in touch.

    And as for everyone else here, thanks for speaking up, glad to see it!


  26. crankedmag says:

    I’m tired, its late, I took one more look at that last post of mine and thought it best to clarify, lest anyone thought this job in Baltimore was something salacious or of a taboo nature. I was a courier there for a brief three weeks.

  27. Sis says:

    Wow… there sure is alot of passion going on here. Glad to see it. Thanks for all the education people. I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments and interestes.

    Michael~ keep up the awesome mag and let me know if i can help you in any way!


  28. Bryan Bartsch says:

    and very good courier at that,don’t sell yourself short messengers drop
    packages which any old crack head can do,couriers actually provide a
    profesional service which people rely on ,and sir you were most certainly
    a courier. I’m just sorry your tenure was cut short by the accident,but
    had it not been for that you might not have started this cool mag. best
    to you and i look forward to seeing future issues.

  29. troppmann says:

    you know, well said.

    thanx for that open minded statement. unfortunately, hipster is on EVERYONES tongue.

    that’s too bad….

  30. hank logan says:

    Michael, first off i just wanted to say, ys, you’re correct, i’ve never seen the mag as messenger biased. it’s just as refreshing as having the sun on your skin and wind in your hair. really it gives that exhileration that bike riding gives. that community feel and that sense of place. i’m my first year into the fixie scene, and i love it. it’s lonely in Vancouver wa, but i’m trying to convert my friends, and/or get them on a bike. cause it makes you feel better man. better about everything. your apart of the community, and the enviroment. granted, a lexus will hit you now and then, (or rather, throw on his brakes when your zipping past him, you clip him, and he yells at your for hitting his car-when he was trying to kill you in the first place-okay, rant) but i gotta say thanks for what your doing, and being apart of the NW. it’s a great place.

    oh, and by the by, i gotta say brakeless riding in seattle must be insane, i couldn’t imagine it.

    and yeah, i thought that bikers were the few people in the world who were opened and enlightened, smiling and happy, and always greeting another biker. i love it when another person smiles my way, or even asks me if i’m okay if i’m walking my bike. community, my friends,establish it, don’t fight it. and if they want to be apart of it, educate them. create understanding. I’ve seen this in your mag micheal. and if there’s all the angst in the messenger community as it sounds, be great to see. i like suffering and i like the rain, makes me feel alive. and someday i’d like to try being a messenger. but i’m not claiming to be, as appealing as it is. that doesn’t keep me from rolling up my denim and slinging my bailey bag, sportin’ a cap and dodging red lights and traffic. it’s just what i enjoy. but there’s always haters in clicks and scenes, and sadly some of the worst are counter-cultures. it’d be nice to see things change, but it all has to come from those that emulate “the image”.

    and believe me, if you live in the NW, you know what it’s like to suffer through hours of rain. eventually, you learn to love it. and 50 mile rides on my fixie, no prob. four days a week. so don’t say i don’t understand. i may not know the stress of packages, but sans that, riding is tough.

    i’ve been long winded, but i’ve had alot on my mind. thanks again again again man, and continue the mag. it’s what’s needed.

  31. c-dub says:

    I think it’s great that CrankedMag is compared with the likes of:

    BMX Action
    Thrasher mag
    Outside and other magazines
    by Peter Barrett (February 6th, 2007 at 11:07 am)

    Good for you Cranked. Tells me you’ve found your niche.

  32. Ahhh Columbia. Anyone out there ever work at ENA, or maybe hang out there and get schooled on some fooz and then your dispathcher would tell you to go straight to 700 5th and pick up one for 1200 westlake ave north or something like that?
    rip anna nicole smith…
    Fast Friday? I was born in orange county but i gotta admit that every time i turn around the west coast keeps corn balling the fuck out. You guys are either messengers or posers or both, it doesn’t matter come out east and a thug ass fifty year old crack head messenger will take your fairie ass wheel set while you are having some drinks in the “messenger bar”!
    Nah!!! It’s not that I am down with dead baby… Oh wait it is… Cycling brings us all together and it also tears us apart. Some of us are definately getting older and the young will thrive but dude what ever happened to cyclo-cross steez on the road?
    I don’t really understand where all these bike dorks are starting to think they are the beginning and end of all shit that is cool. Most people with an suv wish we were all dead and really dogs if you couldn’t handle it on a skateboard please quite fronting like you are the best thing since french toast cuz you can lock up your rear wheel while wearing slip ons.. three year olds ride bikes. who cares?
    I am sure the bitches do, so keep it up if that is your point. But I saw the clips on the cadence sight and it looks like a fucking vienna sausage party!
    Where the fuck is ellie or the rest of da chicks dude?
    or chick dudes dude?
    I have to admit if I lived in seattle i wouldn’t be a mess any more cuz there ain’t no fucking money in it( we make some scrill still her in DC,Shhhhhh!)
    My whole point is I do miss a lot about the west coast and cycling , but that’s cuz you have it pretty easy weather wise, and yes I do know it was “really ruff this year” .
    If you really want to know what’s up holla at some east coast heads to give you the boring ass shitty weed smoking up date straight outta the mid-atlantic.
    It’s good to see more people on bikes! Regardless of how long you’ve “been out here” try not to judge a book by it’s cover, you might be sitting on your potential best friends wheel. There will always be someone before you, unless you are a virgin fucker…
    big bad daddy to be mad matty ryan

  33. LJZ says:

    honestly what is the point…..a messenger has inate qualities that make that person a good messenger, some straight off the shelf pista and knickers can’t take it away. no matter how hard they try to emulate a style that is honestly all it will be, an emulation. so take it like this you (messengers) live it, while they just look like it.
    any person with heart can tell if a person is truly interested in the culture, or just the alternative fashion that they think it reps.
    I hope all of you are out having a beer, and riding……..your bike

  34. Rachel says:

    Hey Michael, Seems speaking out has been good for your “zine”. What wonderful words that should encourage you to go all the way. Keep up the hard work and live your dream.

  35. Jacob C says:

    I grew up riding BMX bikes. The biggest memories I have of every summer are riding around with friends, building jumps, drinking capri sun and raiding all of our parent’s pantries. it was a blast. yea, well I physically grew up and I don’t fit on a BMX anymore. There was a time when I tried to fit it, commuting five miles to work at a pizza shop, riding in the rain with nobby tires and no fenders. pedaling my heart out and hardly hitting 15 MPH. that was near the end of high school and I just stopped one day. I saw these road bikes on campus with chopped riser bars and one gear much similar to a BMX. Something was different though and it took me about two months to figure it out, I was always wondering why the people riding them looked so fluid and they never stopped pedaling. Soon my realization was they were fixed bikes.
    I’ve always been socially isolated to an extent. So I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I got my first track bike. Being laughed at and ridiculed for having brakes is disheartening. Messengers in portland make up probably less than 1% of the total Fixed community, and somehow that 1% has all the say in what’s acceptable and what isn’t? I could give a fuck about some job and a complex with people immitating the style.
    I was looking for a bigger BMX.
    what’s sad about this, is I’ve just got the bike now and it’s so damn hard to drink a Capri-sun with a homie because being cool is suddenly so much more important than just kicking it.
    Go to Cal’s Pharmacy sometime if you’re ever in portland. Look at the older skaters there and you’ll notice they’re way down with the little kids who are so amped to break themselves to have fun. The fixed community might do well to have some age differentiation to take some tension off these college age douschebags. Get your little brothers and sisters into it and it might not be such a hot topic anymore.

  36. roy says:

    There’s no science to it, but a fake is a fake and people can tell. The fake messenger types give me the creeps, but there’s also plenty of working couriers who try so hard to project the stereotypical bike-messenger image that they make total fools of themselves too.

    Just be who you are, wear and ride what makes sense, and don’t try too hard to appear or act like anything in particular.

    I wear a re-load backpack because it holds the most possible, I ride a road bike with gears because it’s fast and efficient. I know I’m an urgent mail carrier on a bicycle, not a subculture icon.

  37. dean says:

    id just like to say that ive been a messenger for 13 yrs. s.f.seattle and d.c. ive seen every kind of bike ridden you can think of and if that person is delivering a tag then who cares what their riding! anyway it seems to me if you are in seattle running tags up yesler to harborveiw all day and your a fixie then maybe your better off hanging out at the mono rail with all the other posers drinking coffe and trying to look cool instead of running tags. try riding a fix gear in s,f, running x=rays up to knob hill! any way i think anybody sitting around talking about all this stuff including me should get over themselves,

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