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Triple Laced

So, the wheelset that is getting raffled off to one lucky person (pre-order your copy today, the raffle is open until the 12th) is a three-cross, double laced beauty. This simply means each spoke crosses three other spokes as they approach the rim and is more or less woven around its neighbors. You’ll read all about it in issue five.

I’ve built a couple sets of wheels this way, and they’re solid. I’ve built one set thinking I was doing it again, but instead I built it four-cross and triple laced. I was curious as to why this set felt different while I was building them. It was a lot of weaving, but the end result is fantastic I think:



The technique detailed in issue five is not a pain to build at all and the completed set look just as pretty.


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4 Responses

  1. Kris says:

    Wouldn’t that be 5-cross, since it crosses over 5 spokes before lacing to the rim? And yes, I’m comfortable with being a huge nerd.

  2. crankedmag says:

    Being a nerd is great, but I think the photo might be slightly difficult to tell; it is only 4-cross. I had to get up and check the wheel to make sure.

  3. Jerry Gordon says:

    I ordered the January 07 issue and have not received it yet.

  4. crankedmag says:

    I’ll be updating everyone with magazine progress later today, but to reply to you Jerry, the winter ’07 issue hasn’t been printed yet. Rest assure, your order is in the database.

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