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Issue #5 Progress

For those that have pre-ordered your copy of issue 5 and are eligible for the wheelset raffle, all I can say is thank you and have patience. It is coming. The layout is nearly complete, everything is getting aligned just so, text is going through its final edits. Be prepared for something a little different from the last issues, I think we’ll all be pretty pleased with this Anniversary issue. And speaking of wheelsets, I’ve mentioned a sneakpeek into their lacing, well here it is:


Pre-orders will still get you entered into the raffle, I’ll post the cut-off date here in the next week. I’m aiming to get the final to the printer by the beginning of next week, if of course, everyone’s loose ends come together in time! Sometimes I have to practice a little patience myself.


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4 Responses

  1. c-dub says:

    Just sitting here, sippin a bloody mary (diggin them lately) and thinking damn, I can’t wait for #5. You kick ass bro. Love the website too 😉

  2. Charles says:

    Hey Michael!!

    The website looks great! I will be at the party for the wheels give away.
    What a great team effort from Hotte, Chris, James, you, and me. This will be the best issue yet, with more to come!

    C. Hadrann

  3. mike says:

    do you have to be at the party to win the wheels????

  4. crankedmag says:

    You do not have to attend the party to win the wheels.

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