Ride Bikes is All I Tell ’em

Just this week I’ve discovered a couple old friends that have recently begun biking. One through necessity of not being able to drive any longer and the other through… I don’t know, actually. Gas prices? He gives me some credit though on his mySpace blog, and I thank him for mentioning it.

I don’t ever want to take undue credit for anything. It’s always nice to hear about someone you know who’s always been either steadfastly against riding bikes because they’re “dorky” or they’re “what dirty hippies do” or they’ve just always embraced the car culture that has pervaded virtually everyone’s lives. It’s nice to see it happen, and just merely smile on the inside, never gloat, never give the “I told you so!” I just appreciate that someone has seen the light themselves.

My sister, who just moved to the ‘burbs in Baltimore, also just shocked me by forwarding me an email she wrote to some city council member there in the “Greatest City” about the problems with bike parking at the National Aquarium. Just making me proud! It’s just what’s important: speaking up for yourself and supporting a self-sustaining, energy conscious, peaceful mode of transportation!

No matter what your situation is don’t ever forget the awesome alternative of riding a bike, whether you’ve lost your license, can’t afford a car or gas, or just want to try something new—it’s just about the best way to get around. Preaching to the choir here: ride a bike! For the first time in years or everyday for a lifetime, it’s a good thing!

4 thoughts on “Ride Bikes is All I Tell ’em

  1. We drove to Walla Walla this weekend. 10 hours in a car, by the time we made it home I thought my chest was going to explode! That all went away when I rolled away on my bike the next morning.

  2. Cudos to your sister in Baltimore!
    We have similar problems with sadly inadequate bicycle parking in Seattle – although I haven’t heard of people’s bikes being confiscated for bad parking. Sad case in point: the Seattle Central Library. The Library got Green Building points (LEED points) for building a truly delightful bike parking area in their underground garage. Well-lit, sturdy racks, right next to the pay booth so it’s under constant surveillance. Only problem: you can’t get there on a bike. If you take your life in your hands and ride down the nearly vertical, poorly lit ramp to the garage, when you get to the bottom your path is blocked by a gate with a sign reading “Automobile Traffic Only.” There’s even a “no bicycles” symbol on the gate! I’m told that some employees park there, but I’ve never seen a single bike on those racks other than my own, even though there’s been a problem with bike theft and vandalism at the outdoor racks. The librarian has promised to make improvements – signs at the outdoor racks, lighting on the ramp, removing the NO BIKES signs – but nothing has happened yet. Please Seattle cyclists, take note!

  3. I had no idea there was underground parking at the Central Library. I’ll definitely check that out, for curiosity’s sake at least. I do always sketch out about my bike when I go to the top floor there to get work done.

  4. People think I’m nuts when I say my DUI was the best thing that every happened to me. Been riding year round for three years now and have drove a car since. Yeah to revoked licenses and riding bicycles!

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