So yesterday there was snow and ice in the city. Mainly up on the hill and I happened to find a nice patch of it. Cruising back from doing some work at Online Coffee on Pine, I’m realizing all the hard snow and ice that I rode up the hill on has mostly turned to fun slush. Approaching Broadway just about at the tennis courts at Cal Anderson, I discovered that not all the ice was thawed—in an instant I discovered this. Like a gunshot I was sliding on my hip, and continued for nearly twenty feet it seemed. The interesting thing is, I think in an attempt to thwart any damage to the laptop in my bag, I reacted differently. I allowed my head to contact the street, something I don’t think I’d have let happen had I not been wearing a helmet. (I know you can’t control everything, but at times your subconscious takes over for you, just read this book).

Point being, I’m glad I wore a helmet yesterday, and am glad I’ll continue to do so. No damage to the head, the helmet or the laptop. Like a bobble-head, my neck is pretty sore today and my pants now have holes where the keychain burned through.

Be safe out there!

2 thoughts on “Ice

  1. Glad you are ok, from what i hear you were one of many victims of the ice. My girlfriend actually bought me “blink” and I just finished it awhile ago, what an interesting book.

  2. weird, i slipped in the exact same spot, and in an effort to save a laptop in my bag, landed on the bike lock in my ass pocket instead. i was sliding for what seemed a long time, while some lady was horrified watching…i broke my keychain, and lost the key to my lock (found it later). i haven’t done a baseball slide in a long time. more embarassing than anything. saved the laptop, lost the hip.

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