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Everyone’s got their cameras right? Just a quick reminder here and a couple “notices.”

The much anticipated issue #5 is still being put together, if you’ve got photos or words you’d like to contribute, send them in as soon as you can. Make ’em pretty, make ’em snazzy, but best of all, make ’em high resolution! This goes for any advertising too, details here (PDF).

Here’s a couple mentions I wanted to throw out there too:

The point83 folks put together a calendar (mid-January? yeah, we’re late too!) but this is titled the .83 Ladies Division calendar and features—as much as I know—photography from one Phil Petrocelli, more details here:

Also, coming up is the Stupor Bowl, out in Minneapolis. We’ve recently gotten word about some photography project happening out there, just check out the Cyclist’s Portraits link. If you are going to Minnesota for the Stupor Bowl, and would like to be included in the Portrait project, make sure to get a hold of that dude, or get a hold of us and I’ll hook you up.

I know I’m also anticipating more coming from Seattle Psycle. Lay it on us man!


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  1. Adam Sinding says:

    Check out my website…I have already told you guys you can use my shots, as long as i get a free copy of the mag, and photo cred!

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