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Cadence & Fast Friday

If anyone that knows me may know I don’t get out on Friday nights very often. I might make it to Mass, but lately, even that is asking a lot. I get off of work, after working all week at the day job and just really only feel like relaxing with a drink, a lot of weeks you can find me at the Rendezvous after work. Great manhattans, great quesadillas, but I’m off topic….

One monthly event that I have yet to attend is Fast Friday held every first Friday of the month at Cadence here on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Many of you who read this don’t need me to tell you how cool it is, you’ve already been going month after month; me, it’s all through hearsay and rumor. I’m envious every weekend, but at least this week I’ve gotten to see some of the action. Just got this vid sent to me that spells it all out pretty well, check it out:

Of course, make sure to check out Cadence and Fast Friday.


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  1. Justin says:

    Dave, your doing a great job, can’t wait to see more!

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