Cranked is late again, I’ll admit it. I’m beginning to call ourselves a spoRadical publication, like I’ve heard dubbed a Rhode Island paper. We have excuses, there have been some changes within the magazine and as such, delays are necessary. I have elected to take on the whole beast more or less; I’ve had the desire to attempt to tackle something larger than myself and this seems the most available challenge. Trying to effect change in some way or another. I want to see more people on their bikes, more people hanging out with their bike friends—I would like to hang out with my friends more—and that is why I need your help, I would like to think this little publication has had a little bit of an influence on people; even the tiniest of drops can eventually overflow the bucket. Cranked has always been a contributory effort, so please send what you can, and see Cranked exist the way it’s meant to, as a community of bikes and their people. This is what Cranked has always attempted to exist as.

Change. The issue coming is going to be different, it’s changing in size for one thing. Bigger, ooh!. The layout may look different, and you’ll see some new advertisements, but the community it hopes to represent is the same. One other thing that’ll be different is we’re short one person from here on out. Jason has decided to part ways with Cranked; we may see some photography, layouts, or words from him in the future, but you will see the effect on Cranked that his lasting style has given, it will exist for some time perhaps and I want to heartily thank him for it.

So I have to ask everyone, to apply the patience their mothers taught them and bear with me, the magazine will continue, it’ll just be a bit longer yet. The wheels are still up for raffle and we’ll have a preview article on them here in a week or so. Charles at Wright Bros. is really excited about them and so am I. So continue to tell your friends they need new wheels, and buy them a raffle ticket.


…and remember, Cranked is about bikes, but more importantly it’s about you and your friends with their bikes, it’s about the urban fabric and the communities and cultures moving through that fabric on the saddle of a bike. It’s about the girl sitting on a park bench playing the trumpet, the crazy guy on the corner with the huge umbrella on his shoulder (it’s neither raining, nor is it sunny!). It’s Cranked and the old lady riding confidently down Broadway on her mountain bike, it’s about biking to get some bottles of gin to be used as props in your fiancé’s play and savoring the idea of having to empty them. It’s about biking to work, biking for work, building bikes, looking at bikes, drinking over bikes, biking and eating at the same time, flying on your bike, hauling way too much on your bike, cleaning your bike, and all of the above.


One thought on “1999!

  1. So do you know where I can get a bike? Nice words, looking forward to the new issue and winning those wheels.

    Keep up the good work!

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