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So last night I rode up to polo, waited around a bit with Messman for more players to arrive and got to show off the Montague Military Technology folding Paratrooper mountain bike.

No tools required to fold and stash in your Humvee.

Just what anyone needs after a hearty game or two of polo. Actually, apart from the front disk brake sending me into the handlebars (prior to switching the brake cables for proper polo play) the Paratrooper did pretty alright for polo. If the swollen knee starts feeling better I plan on taking it on some dirt jumps and see how it thrashes on some real terrain. There’s obviously the temptation to modify the folding mechanism and try it as a swing bike too.

The inspiration for this bike of course is the soon to be printed issue five of Cranked. There’s a fun dirt and off-road theme in it; considering I personally know next to nothing about mountain biking, I thought it’d be good to try some of it out. Save me a spot in the ER please.

…and a note to Justin, when you get this thing, remember, the brake cables are switched!


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Issue #5 Progress

For those that have pre-ordered your copy of issue 5 and are eligible for the wheelset raffle, all I can say is thank you and have patience. It is coming. The layout is nearly complete, everything is getting aligned just so, text is going through its final edits. Be prepared for something a little different from the last issues, I think we’ll all be pretty pleased with this Anniversary issue. And speaking of wheelsets, I’ve mentioned a sneakpeek into their lacing, well here it is:


Pre-orders will still get you entered into the raffle, I’ll post the cut-off date here in the next week. I’m aiming to get the final to the printer by the beginning of next week, if of course, everyone’s loose ends come together in time! Sometimes I have to practice a little patience myself.

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Monday Night Goldsprints Redux

I’m waiting to hear back from Rob as to how the first week’s went, but he’s at it again—like he says: until the end of time. This week’s and beyond at the Funhouse again.


Speaking of rollers, I hope mine got used in the 24hr Bike Ride.

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Ride Bikes is All I Tell ’em

Just this week I’ve discovered a couple old friends that have recently begun biking. One through necessity of not being able to drive any longer and the other through… I don’t know, actually. Gas prices? He gives me some credit though on his mySpace blog, and I thank him for mentioning it.

I don’t ever want to take undue credit for anything. It’s always nice to hear about someone you know who’s always been either steadfastly against riding bikes because they’re “dorky” or they’re “what dirty hippies do” or they’ve just always embraced the car culture that has pervaded virtually everyone’s lives. It’s nice to see it happen, and just merely smile on the inside, never gloat, never give the “I told you so!” I just appreciate that someone has seen the light themselves.

My sister, who just moved to the ‘burbs in Baltimore, also just shocked me by forwarding me an email she wrote to some city council member there in the “Greatest City” about the problems with bike parking at the National Aquarium. Just making me proud! It’s just what’s important: speaking up for yourself and supporting a self-sustaining, energy conscious, peaceful mode of transportation!

No matter what your situation is don’t ever forget the awesome alternative of riding a bike, whether you’ve lost your license, can’t afford a car or gas, or just want to try something new—it’s just about the best way to get around. Preaching to the choir here: ride a bike! For the first time in years or everyday for a lifetime, it’s a good thing!

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Monday Night Goldsprints

Just got this sent to me by Rob “My inspiration is bike shit” 32. Sounds like an awesome time, who doesn’t love the Funhouse.

Bike shit is always inspirational, as is having a 102˚ temperature all day. Or maybe that’s just inspiring delusions. Delusional.

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So yesterday there was snow and ice in the city. Mainly up on the hill and I happened to find a nice patch of it. Cruising back from doing some work at Online Coffee on Pine, I’m realizing all the hard snow and ice that I rode up the hill on has mostly turned to fun slush. Approaching Broadway just about at the tennis courts at Cal Anderson, I discovered that not all the ice was thawed—in an instant I discovered this. Like a gunshot I was sliding on my hip, and continued for nearly twenty feet it seemed. The interesting thing is, I think in an attempt to thwart any damage to the laptop in my bag, I reacted differently. I allowed my head to contact the street, something I don’t think I’d have let happen had I not been wearing a helmet. (I know you can’t control everything, but at times your subconscious takes over for you, just read this book).

Point being, I’m glad I wore a helmet yesterday, and am glad I’ll continue to do so. No damage to the head, the helmet or the laptop. Like a bobble-head, my neck is pretty sore today and my pants now have holes where the keychain burned through.

Be safe out there!

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Cadence & Fast Friday

If anyone that knows me may know I don’t get out on Friday nights very often. I might make it to Mass, but lately, even that is asking a lot. I get off of work, after working all week at the day job and just really only feel like relaxing with a drink, a lot of weeks you can find me at the Rendezvous after work. Great manhattans, great quesadillas, but I’m off topic….

One monthly event that I have yet to attend is Fast Friday held every first Friday of the month at Cadence here on Capitol Hill in Seattle. Many of you who read this don’t need me to tell you how cool it is, you’ve already been going month after month; me, it’s all through hearsay and rumor. I’m envious every weekend, but at least this week I’ve gotten to see some of the action. Just got this vid sent to me that spells it all out pretty well, check it out:

Of course, make sure to check out Cadence and Fast Friday.

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Photos Photos Photos

Everyone’s got their cameras right? Just a quick reminder here and a couple “notices.”

The much anticipated issue #5 is still being put together, if you’ve got photos or words you’d like to contribute, send them in as soon as you can. Make ’em pretty, make ’em snazzy, but best of all, make ’em high resolution! This goes for any advertising too, details here (PDF).

Here’s a couple mentions I wanted to throw out there too:

The point83 folks put together a calendar (mid-January? yeah, we’re late too!) but this is titled the .83 Ladies Division calendar and features—as much as I know—photography from one Phil Petrocelli, more details here:

Also, coming up is the Stupor Bowl, out in Minneapolis. We’ve recently gotten word about some photography project happening out there, just check out the Cyclist’s Portraits link. If you are going to Minnesota for the Stupor Bowl, and would like to be included in the Portrait project, make sure to get a hold of that dude, or get a hold of us and I’ll hook you up.

I know I’m also anticipating more coming from Seattle Psycle. Lay it on us man!

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Cranked has been Stacksed!

From the Utne Reader:

CrankedSeattle-based Cranked captures the undeniable influence of landscape on the Pacific Northwest’s bike culture while managing to appeal to riders everywhere. Images of some of Seattle’s best-known (and often most-loathed) hills accompany Issue #4’s brief homage, “The Hills I’ve Come to Love in Seattle.” The article’s message — embrace the hills — would likely resonate with riders negotiating inclines from San Francisco to Boston. Like Momentum (see above), Cranked doesn’t focus exclusively on local culture. For instance, the very detailed and thoroughly enjoyable, “The Importance of the Bicycle to the Early Women’s Liberation Movement,” recounts early anxieties about the corrupting influence of bicycles on women (cycling, it was thought, “heats the blood… destroys feminine symmetry and poise” and is “a disturber of internal organs”),  showing just how far our bikes have taken us. — Evelyn Hampton

Nice to hear it! Thanks for the shout-out Evelyn!

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Rockin’ Racks

Yes, I’ve joined the ranks of the one’s rolling the front racks by the name of CETMA. These things are great, so far I’ve hauled a couple boxes of magazines, pretty heavy, but the rack rocked. Props to CETMA creator, I love being so utilitarian. I used the eyelets on my fork with a bunch of spacers and washers for a solid fit (thanks Charles!).

The first thing I carried with it were a couple of boxes of fragile glassware, a little sketch considering the result were I to crash or lose my load. But the rack and the cargo net I put on it worked awesome, no busted rocks glasses, no angry fiancé; win-win!

Good stuff:

cetmaTall cetmaLabel

Thanks CETMA

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