You know what the best part of utility cycling is? The self satisfaction you receive when you bring a huge trailer full of groceries home from the other side of town.

I live on the north side of Seattle, across the Fremont bridge. The market with the best selection of Japanese groceries happens to be on the southern side of the city in the International District. So when I need rice and other bulk items, it’s Uwajimaya or nothing. I love this store.

So I got my rice and the rest of my groceries and loaded up the Bob. This trailer has been a lifesaver for us over here at Cranked. Bob was nice enough to donate a trailer to us and I believe we’ve both benefited ten fold. Everytime I pull the trailer out, I get at least two to three people asking about it. It’s a great way to transport your life if you don’t have a car. It tracks right behind your rear wheel and it loves obstacles.

One thing people don’t understand about pulling a trailer is how easy it really can be. So you may have forty pounds of groceries, but when you’re just cruising home, not pushing it, your ride becomes so smooth you forget you’re even pulling. The hills you’re used to conquering offer a bit more challenge, but when you get that momentum going, the trailer keeps you moving quite nicely.

So thanks Bob. You guys make an awesome trailer. I’m proud to tell everyone who asks everything I know. Except that guy on Saturday because I was hungover and he was just really annoying. Here’s to Bob!

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