I love the D.I.Y. scene.


I came across this site for Lemolo bags made down in Portland. As a new convert to the backpack crowd I’m happy to see more people stepping up to create custom bags. Ladies, do you have trouble finding a back pack that fits? Check out the Heather size bag here. Baskets are cool! If you’re rocking one, be sure to add one of these to your Christmas list.


While we’re on the topic of sewing. I got a Yanco top tube pad the other day. Mine is this rad hounds tooth material, a smooth black and white pattern. There is a handy loop sewn in if you wanted to run your lock through it. I’ve never had a pad stolen, but it’s nice to have that option.


In other news.


This week there were two meetings for the Bicycle Master Plan. Talk, talk, talk. Action? Action? Action? For the whiners complaining about this being a ten year plan, Rome wasn’t built in a day, want it to get done faster? Cough up a couple million, I’ll put your name on a plaque.


The weekends here, go for a bike ride. Ride a century or ride to the corner store, either way.

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