New Trend?

Guess what everyone!? There’s apparently a new trend that’s coming out, and King 5 is on the spot reporting this pertinant “news”: People have found that there is a convenient and popular method of shopping for Christmas gifts. Buying gifts online, on the internet that is. I thought I’d post this brief moment of outrageous fame that was laid on my lap yesterday afternoon while I was working on my computer at Bauhaus coffee. My conclusive interview appears about halfway through:


Ironically enough, my laptop’s battery died moments before ol’ Bernard accosted me. All that “online shopping” I’m doing in the video, pure acting. Was my weariness acting too? No, it was all pretty much pure boredom.

I guess thankfully, the adage is always true, no news is, indeed, good news. Merry Christmas!

Wright Bros. Wheels

Charles at Wright Bros here in Seattle is building the anniversary wheelset. I believe they are nearly complete, if not complete already. I’d be stoked to get them for Christmas myself, sadly though, no one is getting them for Christmas. It’ll be more of a President’s Day or Valentine’s Day gift considering the delayed release date of issue #5 and shipping times. But in the meantime, the wheels exist and there are raffle slots still available, here’s some pictures of the process:



These shots, taken by the talented Hotte Kiessling, are just a sampling of what will be found in the wheel-building article we’re featuring in the up-coming issue. Make sure to also check out Hotte’s other project too, Seattle Psycle.

Today is Christmas Eve, Merry Merry everyone!

can i call a re-do?

fix your bike before you go to bed, don’t put it off.Last night I scuffed some speed coming into a parking lot, POW! + HISS + FLAP-FLAP-FLAP= flat tire.

It was only a couple blocks to the boat. Jason was kind enough to walk it with me. I should have fixed it last night, but I didn’t.

I woke up to fix it this morning. Damn, full fenders make it kinda hard to monitor your tire wear. This one was threadbare to say the least. Not having any spare tires on the boat I left the old tube in, just cutting out the valve stem. No go. After putting a new tube in it and pumping it up, the tube(s) bulged out of every hole in the tire.Round two, fold some heavy paper and slip that between the tube and tire. Good to go.

I grabbed my bag and went to get off the boat. Nope, the boat was ten feet from the dock. The forward line snapped during the night, (another boat in our marina broke loose during last week’s storm). I made the leap from the back of the boat to the dock, wrangled in the front. Off to work, only 40 minutes late.

Twenty feet into my ride I have a repeat of last night. Flat.

Rather than deal with any more shit, I grabbed the cruiser I picked up for Amanda a few weeks ago. The 3 speed hub sticks, the brakes only work if you pray, but damn-it I was late.

The hub really wanted to stay in the high gear. So I stood the whole way to work. After work I adjusted the rear brake a bit. A marginal improvement. After spending the evening rocking an undersized, over-geared girls bike I’d have to say, I kinda want a cruiser. The wide bars, fat saddle, wheels and tires that can take on a dozen stairs (verified) and full fenders that rattle like mad make for some good city cruising. Oh yeah, it has a kick stand too.


You know what the best part of utility cycling is? The self satisfaction you receive when you bring a huge trailer full of groceries home from the other side of town.

I live on the north side of Seattle, across the Fremont bridge. The market with the best selection of Japanese groceries happens to be on the southern side of the city in the International District. So when I need rice and other bulk items, it’s Uwajimaya or nothing. I love this store.

So I got my rice and the rest of my groceries and loaded up the Bob. This trailer has been a lifesaver for us over here at Cranked. Bob was nice enough to donate a trailer to us and I believe we’ve both benefited ten fold. Everytime I pull the trailer out, I get at least two to three people asking about it. It’s a great way to transport your life if you don’t have a car. It tracks right behind your rear wheel and it loves obstacles.

One thing people don’t understand about pulling a trailer is how easy it really can be. So you may have forty pounds of groceries, but when you’re just cruising home, not pushing it, your ride becomes so smooth you forget you’re even pulling. The hills you’re used to conquering offer a bit more challenge, but when you get that momentum going, the trailer keeps you moving quite nicely.

So thanks Bob. You guys make an awesome trailer. I’m proud to tell everyone who asks everything I know. Except that guy on Saturday because I was hungover and he was just really annoying. Here’s to Bob!

I love the D.I.Y. scene.


I came across this site for Lemolo bags made down in Portland. As a new convert to the backpack crowd I’m happy to see more people stepping up to create custom bags. Ladies, do you have trouble finding a back pack that fits? Check out the Heather size bag here. Baskets are cool! If you’re rocking one, be sure to add one of these to your Christmas list.


While we’re on the topic of sewing. I got a Yanco top tube pad the other day. Mine is this rad hounds tooth material, a smooth black and white pattern. There is a handy loop sewn in if you wanted to run your lock through it. I’ve never had a pad stolen, but it’s nice to have that option.


In other news.


This week there were two meetings for the Bicycle Master Plan. Talk, talk, talk. Action? Action? Action? For the whiners complaining about this being a ten year plan, Rome wasn’t built in a day, want it to get done faster? Cough up a couple million, I’ll put your name on a plaque.


The weekends here, go for a bike ride. Ride a century or ride to the corner store, either way.

Seattle Master Bike Plan Meeting Tonight

Oddfellows Hall (Ballard)
1706 NW Market Street
Tuesday, 12-5-06
6:30pm – 9:00pm

They mention something about not wearing cycling shoes. Which seems a bit retarded to me. Why not invite a couple hundred cyclists to a meeting about bike advocacy in a place unfit for cyclists. This is the same level of thinking that got our city into the trouble it’s in. Forgive me if my faith in Seattle’s ability to create a friendlier city for bikes is lacking. I’ll be there though. You should be too. Hopefully there will be some good news. If we’re really lucky, maybe they took our advice from the last meeting and adjusted their plans. I want to be optimistic, but it’s difficult when there are so many things in need of fixing.
In other news it’s Tuesday. Which means nothing really. Other than it’s Tuesday and Saturday is only one day closer than it was yesterday. I’d really just like to go to the tapeworm right now. That sounds way better than working.