Winter Bluster

Yes, it’s storming out there. I don’t recall it snowing and storming last night, but I was tucked away in my apartment, oblivious to the torrents and drifts of snow blowing around outside. Safe and snug in my easy chair, laptop in action.

Stepping out this morning around 5:00 am, on my way to work, I noticed my building’s steps were a bit icy. The ride down around Capitol Hill and down the Denny steeps, warm coffee in hand, I only noticed the tiniest of ice patches. Beyond this, the roads were clear and dry, much like the sky has been all day. Dry, ice-free, and cold [damned cold!] was just about all the weather for the morning to me. It wasn’t until co-workers began calling in that I was learning that Seattle is interesting in it’s winter weather: the outlying suburbs get piles of snow and sheets of ice evidently, while we don’t. It was a slow day at work, I thankfully got to leave early and got to enjoy riding around, chilled to the bone.

Enough about the weather, it’s cold when its clear and warm when its overcast. Let’s work on switching this here in Seattle and try to enjoy some real snow in town! Never mind the Master Plan, we want snow. (Just kidding, check out this sneak peek at the action plans north and south, found these on the Stranger’s website. Don’t forget next week are the meetings you shouldn’t miss.)

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