Because Japan is awesome. Duh.

I was rifling through my stack of business cards and came across two from Japan that I thought I’d share.

Now these sites are pretty much all in Japanese, but regardless, they’re worth visiting. If only to state the fact that we’re a global family. People everywhere are feeling the love of riding and that makes it all so worthwhile.

Shibuya is insane. Crisscrossing streets. Tons of people. Shopping everywhere. More neon than anyone should ever be subjected to. But directly behind a street of traffic, in view of the train, across from a park you’ll find WBase. When we met up with our friends from Mash they took us to this shop. WBase is a bmx shop carrying a number of great companies such as Wethepeople, Chris King, Cadence, and REload. Soon they’ll be opening a track shop upstairs as well. The guys running the shop are friendly and the selection is spot on. Just as any good shop WBase has a relaxed and inviting feeling. Rip showed us an amazing time in Tokyo and for that we’re indebted to him. I can’t wait to get back.

Then we’ve got Gunung. Handmade clothing and apparel made by Atsushi Yamamoto. That name may be unheard of for the most part in the states, but in Japan his name is growing. His label is called Gunung. Hats, pants, belts, and other random pieces are all made one by one. I picked up a bunch of his stuff while I was in Japan and I’ve been wearing it since. The pants I got are cut right above the ankle and taper perfectly. The pockets are different than any other pant I’ve ever worn. They’ve even got an unnoticable pad in the rear making riding even more enjoyable. And the hats fit perfectly under a helmet. I’m sold! You can find his stuff online at Depot, but not in the states. For now that is…

If you’ve never been, you probably know someone who has. I bet they’ll tell you what I know now. Japan is a hidden treasure full of great people, great scenery, and most of all great food. Someday you should make a trip out there.

In other news, it snowed last night in Seattle. It didn’t stay around for the morning, which I was a bit bummed out about, but I’m sure it’ll be back. Yes!

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